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2017-05-29 22:27:51 (UTC)

Sunday again...more rain

It was nice yesterday and even early in the night. But at around 2:30 am the bottom fell out. Thunder was so close, so hard and so loud, it shook my house running through my bones. I walked into his side of the house and he had already gone to bed. My son was still not home from the races and I was worried about him possibly out there trying to drive in this mess pulling a trailer. I finally got to sleep about 3 or so.

I left the tv on. It was horrible. I am learning that I sleep better, more peacefully if I turn off the tv. I can allow my mind to rest and not listen to what the tv may have blasting. Even cutting down the volume is not enough. It needs to be cut off. My dreams were great. More real in color with smells and sounds of life...real life. Felt good to wake up after that. So, I have been turning it off and sleeping much better.

I saw in the obituaries that a woman I knew 40 or so years ago passed away. It did not say how. Just that she passed at the hospital. She started out her young life after high school working for the Baptist association as a volunteer just to get experience. She worked at a finance company too...then she ended up working in Washington DC. Last I heard, she was married to some foreigner and had a new last name, but not in the obits today. No mention of him. It was kind of sad. No mention of her son either. It told as most do about parents, but nothing about her son. I am not sure if he passed away or if maybe he is not or was not involved with her. I sent an email to someone who I know would have wanted to know. She ended up posting a comment on her obituary through the funeral home website. She did this very early in the day. So later tonight I check it to see if anyone posted something that I may have also known from those days. NOTHING....just that one post from our mutual friend. WHOA...I will check it tomorrow to see if anyone else posted a message. I find it sad so far. But I have to be reasonable, it is a holiday, lots of people are at the beach or mountains. Here we can get to either in about couple to four, maybe someone will post tomorrow or Tuesday. She had put on some weight. Most of us ladies put on weight when we get older. It is called life. But back in the day, that girl looked just like Janis Joplin. I remember her and I going to see Goose Creek Sympathy in Charlotte. She had to have on at least four scarves....and she looked great. We had so much fun....working our way to the front and stood right in front of them...
we were asked to follow them to a place they were staying to hang out that night. But we said no. Instead, we went to a high end place to eat where there were a bunch of men in suits sitting around us. One of those men started up a conversation with her and we sat there a while talking to his table....did not do anything else but talk...she found business men very interesting. They paid for our meal. I felt a little uneasy about it but thinking back on it now...we did nothing wrong and I guess they were doing the gentleman thing....and since we were behaving and not acting like tramps, we were not treated as such. Interesting how experiences like that happen, we forget them until someone passes away and all these memories pop back into our minds. I bet she was doing well in Washington DC. She had a place to live there ...and posted photos of her many trips abroad. She was living the life. Proud and happy to know she had a good life. I just hope her family did not feel left out...and are bitter about it. She was from a very good family. I was jealous of that. But that was nothing new.

My lower left stomach area was a little sore today. I noticed it a couple times though out the day. I could have pulled a muscle. But why so long? Maybe there is something that I am the way I empty to washing machine or fold things....that keeps doing this damage or could be the reason for it. I have to hope that doctor does not call telling me to go get a scan. I do not want to know to much more at the moment. But I will go if he says too.

I would love even more to be in Jamaica sitting on a beach with a fruity drink and an umbrella.
Yeah, I could dig on that.

One of my biggest regrets is not taking that motorcycle riding class and getting a Harley. I see girls smaller than me riding Harleys all the time.
Not me though. He would pitch a royal fit. No way that is ever happening.


at least I am alive today....and the Charlotte COCOLA 500 is going to be over .....
I hope the owners enjoyed the last race they will experience in that condo....
or they have decided to keep it. I would live there in a heart beat.
Not full time. But some.