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2017-05-29 19:23:49 (UTC)

Good weather!


It has stopped raining! We had some sun as well. It makes such a difference when it is not raining cats and dogs. We almost had some flood here. I am glad for now the weather is good.

I am feeling much better today and that is a bonus. I managed to iron some clothes and I did the laundry and cooked as well. Tomorrow morning I intend to vacuum the house and in the afternoon I am going out with my mother.

My father's car is not fixed yet. So, we are using the old car. A pain on the neck. That is why I am not motivated to go out so often. But never mind.

I have been in the house since yesterday morning. As it was raining too much I thought that it was better just to stay at home.

Well, just wanted to say hello!

Good energy to all of us!