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2017-05-27 19:40:38 (UTC)

Remaining strong

Hi there!

It is a grey day here. It is cloudy and it is rainy. I am a bit demotivated but I am surviving without my husband. This morning we had a nice barbecue at my parents' house.

We have had rain for sometime. I quite enjoy it but lately I am wishing to have some sunny days. It is not cold but I guess my depressing feelings and moods don't help me a lot. Although, I am surviving loneliness is always present. I went out a couple of times this week but I guess I got fed up with the places I went with my mother. By the way, I cannot complain about her she has been very kind and went out with me to solve some of my things.

Today I was feeling a bit miserable as well. It is the routine of having to tidy up the house and keep it organized that annoys me. The cleaner came but she is not very well. I guess she won't recover from her stroke. Actually, I think it was a minor one because she is still working. I wish I could help her.

My daughter is watching a movie. Nowadays, she enjoys being in her bedroom watching them. I cannot be bother in watching movies because I get very emotional.

I have spoken to my husband and he is fine. Although, he is very tired. Well, I hope I can continue to remain strong. I am much better after writing.

Good energy to all of us.