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2017-05-25 22:55:07 (UTC)

After the doctor Oh Lord

I decided since he took my car to get a brake light replaced this morning, I would have time alone to get my desk in order. I managed to do all that making a new phone list and some medical notes just to have when I go to the doctor. I looked up from last years calendar when I could actually go back and the insurance pay for the physical. Hell, I was going to have to wait till August? So, on a spur of the moment, I called my doctor down town to see how long I would have to wait to get in. To my shock, he had a cancellation today at 5pm. So, I told them I would be there. I went ahead and made some notes too about how I been feeling and what medication I been taking, the pain, the headaches, how long and all when I go in there I will have it to help me remember as sometimes I leave out the most important part.

Later in the day, I almost called them to cancel. I was thinking about the cost. Why can I not just wait till December? All kinds of things going through my mind. But I did not. I kept the appointment.

Kevin Jonas is the dad of the Jonas Brothers...and he has announced that he now has colon cancer. He made a post on facebook today thanking everyone for reaching out. I replied to his post telling him he is so strong...much more than he is aware of and he needs to look forward to that day he hears the words...."Kevin, you are cancer free". That is all I said. He is a real nice man. I am sharing this to you today for a reason.....

so, I get into the doctors office...they wanted to check my urine. I could not even pee but a couple drops. Enough however for them to reveal that my bladder is clear and fine. Huh? So, he put me on the examination table and started pushing around...poking...listening to with his steciscope thing and feeling with his hands...asking if this is tender....does this hurt. Then we start talking about those two colonoscopies I had last year.....Oh shit....I told him since I recalled and if you follow this diary, you may recall too that I was having pain....and it is indeed in the same place. He told me about a condition that causes pain from the lining of your colon too.....but to be on the safe side, he said in the most gentle way that he wants to check my white blood count.....and he will call me tomorrow to let me know.....the results. If he feels then, it is needed, he will schedule a scan of my stomach next week. Well, that is fast I said. You can get the blood work that fast. He said we will draw it now...and I will get results tomorrow...and schedule scan for next week if I need one. Holy shit.

I left there to pick up chicken....knees wobbling from this. I was holding back the tears. But I refuse to let the doctors appointment
to scare me into a state. I will do just I told Kevin. I will remain calm and I will stay strong. I am stronger than I even know.....I know that for real. This will be fine. I am thanking GOD right now for not letting me cancel this appointment today.

And I thank everyone for the kind words......and I am grateful to finally have answers soon.

More as I know it.