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2017-05-25 13:08:10 (UTC)

Thursday stop the rain please

I swear man...I am sick of thunder storms and rain. Now I like the smell of rain, who doesn't, but this much of it is way too much. It seems like we have had rain constantly since the temperatures warmed up. By the way, it should be in the 90's this weekend. RACE WEEKEND TOO!!

So, those people out in the heat will be wishing they were in the condo at the speedway with their friends this weekend...protected from the heat....comfortable....I am so hoping we get that place sold soon.

I mailed out about 400 post cards yesterday. Holy crap. It is marketing. Only thing I got at the moment.

I am kinda hoping they give us a break...from the calls. I still do not feel well. Something is going on. I am probably dying.
My ovary area aches....I am getting sick to my stomach sometimes and headaches...dizziness...etc....


It never stops.

We took my car to get the windshield replaced yesterday. While that was happening, we drove to Cracker Barrow to get breakfast.
I had egg whites and was great too. He sat there and ate enough for about 3 people. We were going to do other things before going back to pick up my car, but he ate so much, he had to rush home to take a crap. So, we did nothing instead.

Gave me time to work on some more post when he did take me to pick up car, I mailed them.
I almost felt naked not having that pile of post cards on my desk.
Many to Harrisburg....and about 100 in this area.

We did have a chance to talk about our budget and remodeling. That house up the road that was listed for almost 200k sold for
195k. He had a fit going on about how STUPID the buyer was to make such a decision to purchase that piece of crap. Well, he did
not see that place after the seller did all the work. It was beautifully done and in my opinion was worth every dime. My only regret is I did not get to show it too the old man. He was thinking it was horrible that the seller made so much on it only paying 35k for it. But he does not understand this business...and I Was trying to explain that if we do the remodeling here as good as that man did...we too would fair well in a sell of it if done in the current market. He would rather cuss and deny and not believe. I told him that man who sold it is cussing in disbelief all the way to the fucking bank. Sometimes this old man I am stuck with really gets on my nerves. Other times, I know I would not survive without him. And other times I just want to die now just to get out of this crazy ass nasty hell I feel stuck in. The mold....he does not believe that mold will make you sick. The termites...he does not believe that termites can eat your house.....the nasty old carpet....he does not believe that the smell or the dust mites are harmful....and him thinking all this just makes me think he has to be a very nasty man.

I have began to try to notice...when he is cooking and goes to the bathroom....did he wash his hands.
Last night...I was walking toward the kitchen and he was fixing his plate at our bar...I saw him SNEEZE...not covering his face...
only turning his head....
I choose not to eat.

I live in this mess.