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2017-05-22 22:10:37 (UTC)

Tuesday struggling through

So, after this horrible weekend and hateful people trying to take advantage of my kind hearted ways, I am exhausted. I kept waiting for a call from Raleigh to give me hell fine me or suspend my license. You never know what these people will do or how far they may go. I know I did nothing wrong. I believe their broker must have not been available so they were using me leading me into one of the traps where they say they like it and will give it some thought. Next thing you know they are at a closing with a broker that should have done the work you did and who will walk away with a big ole fat check. I had to take a couple days to recoup from that mental stress.

Felt ok yesterday. It rained all day. Today, however, my head is aching again. My left lower abdominal in my ovary area is aching like a took ache. I been trying to stay off my feet. Not sure if I pulled a muscle, turned or reached the wrong way or something worse is going on. It was enlarged slightly at one time and was hurting a lot. I had a good doctor then. Told my husband I may go back to her now that I have located the office where she is now. She was gentle, soft spoken, caring and looked into all my concerns. I may even tell her about the sexual assault that happened years ago so she can determine if that could have something to do with all this.

So, no buyers at the moment....we will have to wait a while to close on one deal since it is commercial. I really wanted a closing to look forward too. My daughters clients thought they were going to back out of the contract but yesterday she told me that they had changed their minds..and are going to move forward. So, I asked her if they will be wanting to look at property? She said probably so. I then let her know that until I show them anymore property, her and I will have to have a conversation about compensation. Split it 50/50 or a percentage and told her to think about what she thinks is fair. She said she needed to think about all that happened with them last weekend and talk to me later. Now, that they may rather live over in her area, she can probably show them property when she gets home. So, I guess she feels like me driving to get there 40 minutes....then back...and spending an hour with them at one place and another hour at another place is not worth being compensated...since I have not heard from her. Whatever.

But then the boss called today. He had me pull a file on a place we discussed in March with 10 acres up toward him. It is worth around 270k now. Those people are ready to list. Doing some work this week . We will probably list it this weekend. Then he called me again a little later and gave me another address to check out. It is a rental 2 bedroom 1 bath worth around 130k. If it is in good shape, it won't last long....
so knowing there is light in the distance with possible closings and money.....I am feeling much better about business.

However, my health is a different story. I feel like shit. One day ever now and then is a good one. I feel blessed when that happens.

My son brought an application to be filled out last night. He is going to a place he worked before. They are offering him more money and better insurance. I helped do all that and wrote him up a two week notice letter. I hope his day goes well. One day last week
his crew was told by a property owner to get off his land. He threatened to kill all of them. The police came, there was a standoff.
It was crazy Hickory NC. A place I hate.

Hopefully he won't have to go there anymore if he can stay alive for two least.