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2017-05-21 19:22:53 (UTC)

Boring day so far again

Good afternoon!

We had lunch at my parents' house. It was OK as I didn't have to cook at all. However, I prefer when we have barbecue for lunch and it wasn't the case today.

I am fine but it has been a boring day so far. I popped in my parents'house a couple of times looking for someone to chat because I was feeling lonely. My mum was a bit stressed about doing the laundry and ironing my father's work-shirt. I can understand her as I feel sometimes fed up of the routine of washing and ironing my daughter's uniform.

By the way, my daughter got good grades and I am so proud of her. She was studying a few minutes ago.

I spoke with my husband. He is all right. It is always good to know he is doing fine. When he came back here he got sick again... I guess I told that. He got a really strong cold. I hope he won't get sick so often. Here in Brazil he used to be very sick. Maybe he was missing his country...

I guess I prefer when I have things to do... some light housework or the laundry. I have a big task to do... to clean and tidy the office but I am waiting for a better day.

It has stopped raining but I am hoping that we will have some sun soon.

Well, nothing else to report. Just a boring day so far.

Anyway, I wish good energy to all of us.