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2017-05-20 20:58:29 (UTC)

Dog poop and up to no good people

Okay, let me start again with the fact that this day has been full of unexpected turns. My daughter called saying the people
who are under contract to sell their home have decided that they have changed their minds. HUH? I asked why...and they did not
want to pay the price of the houses we have shown them. Are afraid they will not have a home to live in. So, I talked her down..
sent her the form everyone needs to agree on...or she talks to the lawyer. Then I pulled up one of the properties they seemed to
like and told her that the property is not ever going to appraise for list. Probably no where near it. She is going to try to talk them into
making an offer on it....way low....but it is a start if they will agree. She was not out working either. instead she was being the driver...
taking one here and her husband there. I wish she would just get out of real estate sometimes...since she does not seem to have
a lot of time to work it.

Then I noticed that there was a note on my husbands truck. A note? LOL I told him and he went out there to get it. A note from the lady behind us that has the large dogs she walks...and shit in other peoples yard. The note said this...

"This is Cindy, next door. If you put a note on my mailbox with dirty towels, I am not putting these in your yard. I would not do that


I called her since I had no idea what it meant. Apparently someone else does not like her walking her dog through the neighborhood
and letting it take a dump in their yard...many of us have had to deal with this...she said she had several notes and that whomever is
doing it are using nice hand towels to get it up (the poop) and are throwing the poop with the towel in her yard. They put some of
those poop bags in her mail box asking her to use them instead of just leaving the poop. I honestly thought that was a good idea.
She for some reason thought it was me..or us. I set her straight on that and talked to her a while...suggesting she may want to use
the poop bags....seems like the thing to do....and if she is concerned about people messing with her yard or mailbox...put up a camera.

The conversation went on and on...she thanked me for calling and also for having my yellow bells taken down. I did not mention
to her that cost us 1400 bucks.

Anyway...that happened...and I was amused somewhat by it. It is about time someone said something about that dog poop. She must think that people are okay with stepping in it...or riding mower over it....I guess they are not.

I got a message from the listing agent for the house...she said she has multiple offers. I knew there was no way the people talking to
me were going to get it...I have no pre-qualification letter...and know nothing about that house she kept mentioning that needed to be
sold. I had asked her several times if it was listed, if there was a listing broker involved. She did not want to say...instead implying that
was "his business" and she was not involved in that part...she was just "looking". Although last night she was going and on about
getting a loan for 25k to get them to "hold" this house or allow them to rent it until the other house sold. I explained to her then
that was not gonna happen. So, today, I tried several times to call her to let her know the house has offers...lots of them...and did
not believe that the sellers would be into renting it even with 25k down. But she never answered her phone. So, later after trying
to call her several times and no return call. I texted her and told her what I knew and that since she never called me back, I went ahead
and cancelled our showing. I had a feeling this was not going to go well. People will ignore you all day but you say one thing they
do not want to hear, and they will respond. She was pissed as hell. I told her that one, I do not have a pre-q letter for him nor do
I have a listing in MLS as she has been vague about all that....she finally told me that he had a broker...and that is all I needed to hear.
I am not going to break any ethics I nipped it in the bud.
She said she was going to file a complaint with the real estate commission. I told her that her nor I had any type of agreement for me represent her. So, now that I do know there is a broker involved...she can do whatever she wants too. I am clear.

Then...a friend of mine called saying his landlord wants him to buy the house he is renting for 54k/ He does not have to get a loan
or anything...just show up at the lawyers office. He wanted me to look it up and tell him the approximate value....of that property..and it is a lot more than 54k I advised him to go for it.

Now, my daughter is telling me that her sellers really want to back out..and their buyer said they would...but only if they sign an addendum saying that if they sell with in 2 yrs...they will sue them.
I told her to talk to the attorney Monday morning before talking to them...she needs to know legal strategy on this one.

Life in my world. And I am about sick of the bad news....bad luck....