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2017-05-20 14:32:29 (UTC)

Saturday..another day

Another day wasted most likely. I reached out to the other broker alerting her of these buyers intent. She said she has a lot of showings today and they sellers will be making a decision after all offers are in. Which she expects to be a lot. I am at least going to get to meet these people...taking blank forms. Not wasting my forms on people anymore that do not seem to understand what the process is. These people will need to one, tell me about the house they need to sell...and two, I will need a pre-approval letter even before they sell. Which they can get if they tell the loan company that they are selling their property. Just telling me you're going to pay 100k down...or now, 25k to rent to own...none of that means anything without validation. I will try to educate them on this process. If they can work with me, fine. If not. Tough. Moving right along....

Then yesterday I called a forsale by owner in the town I grew up in. That stupid woman talked so fast, I only heard ever other word. She said her listing will be in MLS in a couple of days as a PRIVATE LISTING. NO, it won't dumb ass. We pay a lot of money to use MLS and they do not accept PRIVATE LISTINGS....she most likely is being shot a load of crap from ZILLOW which is very unreliable. My listings, once entered onto my website goes to Zillow, and a couple dozen more sites that people search for property on....not even MLS shoots them out to these places...we have to do that separately. Some of these people wanna be realtors are not. Her house will set there a while...and when she gets people wasting her time wanting to rent it for 600 or 900 a month? LOL Go ahead. If rented through a realtor, she could get about 2400 a month for that place....and never will on her own. She will be stuck with someone who pays a deposit, first month rent and trashes the place for months while she goes to court trying to get them out. TOUGH SHIT....and you can sue them hoping to get your money back...but you will not get money from people who do not have any.....they will have moved on looking for another idiot to do the same. FREE HOUSING.....happens a lot.

Anyway....I look forward to finally meeting the couple I been talking too...and meeting them both instead of just her. She acts like she can not speak for him....when I ask about the house he has to sell, if he is working with a realtor...etc....she says that is his business...and not hers to tell. So, I am thinking it is either a set up to rob me....or a bull shit waste of my time. I am going in there with hopes of at least getting their listing...and a signed buyers agency agreement so we can continue looking....only if they understand the process.

If not...just another wasted day of my time.

If so, I may stop at the pub on the way home and throw down....I am due one.