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2017-05-20 14:20:07 (UTC)

What a waste of my time

I swear to God if another idiot person tries to tell me a load of bullshit...I am going to kill someone or they will be begging for death...
Ya'll know I would not really kill anyone..but it felt so good to say that. The showing today went okay. Some issues that were in process of being handled. I keep telling them that this house will not last long...and it was listed so low to encourage higher offers...but they do not want to do it. SO, once again I wasted my time driving for 45 minutes to get there...and same thing Wednesday. What the hell? Plus, they are my daughters clients, not I am going to have to have a conversation with her about all that. I can not work for free. And if I do not bring it up and get it in writing...she will allow me to work for free. I would never do that to someone.

Then I decided to cancel the appointment today. My scalp feels and looks better. If I need bloodwork done, the gynecologist should order it since my complaint is with the medication she prescribed. The peeing is something the neurologist ( I think that is it) needs to address...
so I will wait till July to go back to her since the insurance pays most of a check up and mammogram. All the other stuff including new glasses will have to wait until December when I get the Medicare. I will talk to the insurance guy in handle all that.

On my way home today from a drive I did so he would not know I cancelled my phone rang. The lady I am showing her and her boyfriend a house too tomorrow saying that she and he rode by there and are both really wanting that house. Did I think that they would take 25k to hold it until he sells his house? HUH? So, I asked again...does he have a realtor? She said he had an appraisal today. But was not sure about it. I explained to her that if they make an offer, he will need an approval letter from a loan officer or bank stating he is qualified. If his house if for sale, it is best if it is under contract so we can offer contingent on it selling. But she was saying they were going to pay 100k down, now It appears that money will come from the sell of his she does not know if he has a realtor or not. It is beginning to appear that they just want to use me as their tour guide or something. I told her I can show them the house, but he needs a loan approval or his house needs to be in MLS listed as active or under contract. I feel like I spend a lot of time talking to people who simply do not hear the words I say. In a sellers market, people want to sell and buyers want to buy, but there is a process that needs to be followed.

Some of the dreamers think all they have to do is want. And it is done.

Me? I was thinking about this today. I do not "want" for things to be done or to be got anymore. The disappointment is too hard to deal with. I just try to block it out. When I was in the store today looking at stuff...I remembered many times being in there and seeing so many things that I wish I could get....and today....I saw so many things that I could get if I wanted them. I did not want today. Too much damn trouble.

I feel much better today too.

Let's see what tomorrow brings us...