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2017-05-18 21:23:35 (UTC)

Invisable oil in car

When I woke up this morning, I was hurting all over. My knee was throbbing...bone on bone pain. I wish for death sometimes. I will be happy to learn what my problem is. I did call the doctor's office that gave me the shots in my knees and talked to them. I have an appointment to go back next Friday for flexigentic shots. I know I spelled that wrong, but you know what it means. Looking forward to that.

Feeling like crap all day too. My husband too my car to the garage. They said it had 2 and half quarts of oil too much. We put that much in it. HUH? They told him that the oil they use is so clear that they have a problem seeing it sometimes. They figured out why the SERVICE YOUR ENGINE LIGHT WAS ON....and charged nothing. He went my the glass place and will take it back Wednesday for a new windshield.


My daughter wanted me to show a house on Saturday for her. I said no I would not be able too. I just did not see why she can not do it. I did it for her yesterday cause she is working at a job. She has mention nothing to me about splitting the commission with her....or paying me at all for showing property and helping her. I have suggested several times that we work together on things 50 50 so I can help her while she is working but never has she discussed it. So, until then, she can figure it out on her own.

Low an behold the buyer who I was working with....but never met called me today. She was asking about weather she has to pay a buyers agent...before or at closing. I explained it too her. Apparently someone wanted to be paid to work with her which happens. I told her that I would need her to sign an agreement that I need in my files in case I get audited. But she never has to pay me. The listing agent negotiates the commission at the listing appointment and splits it with the buyers agent. The seller pays all commissions in most cases. I told her that even if it was a for sale by owner. I would talk to them first to get them to agree to pay a fee at closing to me if I bring them a buyer...before I take them into it. Now, some sellers refuse to at it. In those cases the buyer is asked to do so. Even here I believe in most cases if the buyer pays the agent upfront, they get it back at closing once the agent locates them a property. So, anyway, I am showing her a house
Saturday. And she is signing an agreement. I hope I am able to walk by then.

I think the busy day I had yesterday wore me out.

So, tomorrow I go to the regular physician to hopefully get some blood work done...or answers to why I feel like crap 100 present of the time.
It is getting old.
The constant headaches. The pain in my body every damn where. I feel like a human pimple.

I do understand why people who are ill and in pain constantly would rather die. I get it.