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2017-05-17 22:31:21 (UTC)

Turn of bad luck

My phone started blowing up around 6am with text from my daughter and my business lady friend. The friend wanted to meet for lunch today...and my daughter wanted me to drive all the way to Cherryville to show a me, Cherryville is at the end of the world where you could drive right off the end. But I said ok. Although I feel like crap these days. I noticed something fishy about the address and we learned that it was a lot, not a house. The realtor is an idiot putting a damn lot in the residential area. Anyway, they cancelled on that. So, later, she sent me another one that is near Crowder's Mt. I can get to it in about 40 minutes. Sure. Made the appointment to meet the buyers at 10. They did not show up until after 10:30. But they were adorable. Little girl mom and dad in a mini van. We looked at this house from top to bottom for about an hour. They loved it. I was happy. Even happier when I finally got home so I could pee and get off my feet.

Later, the friend started. I was texting her to say I did not feel like it today when she I answered and agreed to meet her anyway....back out of that text and did not send it. So, I had about an hour before I had to begin getting ready...I took a shower, and started all over is what I have to do these days. This pee problem is a bitch for real. But I put on a nice outfit and walked into the kitchen to get his approval. He said I looked mighty fine. So, I said my goodbyes and off I went. As soon as I got onto hwy 16 not long at all, I heard this horrible noise thinking a rock or something hit my windshield. It looked like I had been shot. The very middle of my damn windshield looks like a bullet hit it...but it was probably a rock. I saw a dump truck in my rear view mirror....but it was gone. Too far gone to go after. I pulled over a few minutes to regroup. Decided to go on to the place to meet my friend.

Sat there listening to her go on and on about how horrible her daughter treats her....and this and that. We ate. I told her I was ready to go hoping I could get my car to the garage before they close. Oh service engine light came on. NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE. I just got it serviced...they were supposed to change my oil. I think they forgot the oil. When I got home I checked it. It was bone dry. I drove his truck to get oil and came home and he opened it and started pouring it in. I had one of those big containers....5 quarts....he only put in a couple...we wanted to see if the light would go off? It did not. But I told him since we are not sure if it is leaking out....lets not put anymore in it until in the morning. He agreed. Shut the hood and drove it into the garage. Then later he remembered he did not replace the lid to oil can. So, here we go out to the garage looking for it. We never found it. I had to put plastic over the hole where the cap goes....until tomorrow.

So, back to garage. The car back to glass place so they can order a windshield. What is next?

All of our damn money is being spent on crap we did not intend to spend it on.

A day of bad luck.

One good thing though. The nice couple with the little girl loved it and are presenting an offer.
YEAH for my daughter.