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2017-05-16 23:43:21 (UTC)

Tuesday went well

I was up at 6am. Started the coffee and washed my face and prepared to get some stuff done I am no sure why I work better early in the morning. I realized that none of those realtors are going to respond with the selling prices. All I did by sending them the emails asking for that was alert them that I am going to try to get that listing. Whatever....I started the letter. It come out of me like spreading butter on hot toast. Before long, I had a detailed information on the first page and information about me and my company on the second. I read it over several times making some changes. I high lighted the numbers putting them in a chart form. OMG it looked so good. I told these people all I would do for them at no upfront charge. If they decide they need me. I told them I work from home and do not have a lot of overhead meaning that I can do it for much less helping them make more money. At the end I let them know that all lake front property is sold or under contract and theirs is the only waterfront left. They have it priced lower than it is worth. And I am hoping the realize that the information is too help them if they call me or not. The will remember my name.

I worked on post cards too and got about 60 in the mail. The area I am marketing too with them is near the Charlotte motor speedway...very nice large homes in the half million to a million price range. They will receive the post cards by Thursday. I will work on mailing more tomorrow. I did not do this all day. This time I stopped around 1pm. That was enough for today.

My daughters deal fell through. So, she had to send message to all the brokers who presented an offer or wanted too in order to let them all know that the deal fell through and they can now present one if they are still interested. Included the ass hole who threatened to file a complaint. LOL I told her to make the message sweet. And she did.

With all the distractions in Washington with leaks, classified information, and now memos...anything to damage our President and stop our country from getting anything done. It looks like there is a bunch of them who are in shit up to their knees because of their own bad behavior, stealing our money, murder even...and sex crimes; they will keep something else going non stop to distract anyone from looking under their bed or in their closet or the trunk of their car. I am about sick of listening to this shit.

They are all a bunch of baboons as far as I am concerned. Our President needs to grow some balls.

I had a headache today too. I am glad I did not cancel my appointment on Friday..but I may still do that. I simply hate the thought of having to pay out a bunch of money for test, or whatever. If I can just live till the December...I will have medicare then. I feel like I might wait.
Hope it is not a brain tumor. LOL My luck. Huh?