My Letter To The World
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2017-05-16 18:21:36 (UTC)

Day Six

Mood: Irritated
Song: None
Color: Violet

I hate paranoia.
I hate Tornado season.
I hate the tension in this house right now.
I hate being belittled and treated like i'm stupid.
I hate people that live in fear of what may happen.
I hate that they say they don't but then snap and insult others.
I. Hate. Dealing. With. This. Today.

That being said.....
Today's prompt is Five things you like and dislike about yourself

1. I Like that i am Loyal
2. I like that i am Creative
3. I like that i'm a good listener.
4. I like that Honest
5. I like that i am firm in what i believe.

1. I don't like that i have a short temper.
2. I don't like how sensitive i can be.
3. I don't like that i'm insecure.
4. I don't like that i'm awkward.
5. I don't like that i get anxiety.