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2017-05-16 04:42:30 (UTC)

Driven to distraction

Mood: Worried/ Tired.
Song: Happy feels/New soul by Ivan B
Color: Teal

Dad's surgery is in 12 hours... i'm worried and nervous for him.
I know that God's got this and that people are praying for him including me and that everything is going to go fine, everything is gonna go smoothly.
It's just i hate waiting i hate anticipation and unknown and uncertainty. -_-
so i'm just going to write what ever comes to my mind....
It will be scatter brained and random.... yeah there's your warning.

So the song that's currently stuck in my head I heard for the first time about an hour ago and i've basically been listening to it on repeat since...i'm kind of obsessed with it.
Look up Happy feels (prod. Tido Vegas ) on YouTube if you want to hear it

Also My Grandma and Aunt took the Myers Briggs Personality Test.
My Grandma is an ENTJ(Not at all surprising)
and My Aunt is an ISFP which is fitting as well.
Dad is an ESFP.
I like knowing what the personality type of the people i know is.

"A Poet is a liar that always speaks the truth"
A quote that i heard a long time ago but was reminded of today... i remembered because i don't say so much... but i speak when i write.
A poet is a liar who always speaks the truth...yeah.

I'm super tired tonight but i'm trying to make it till midnight before i try and sleep... i have about 30 minutes... but i'm afraid that my drowsyness of the past two hours is fading and i'm getting a second wind and i won't sleep until 3 am which i cannot deal with because i did that last night and the night before and i was exhausted today... and i just want a normal sleep schedule!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ugh lol.
What even is my sleeping schedule? oh yeah...its not sleeping ha.

I really should clean up my room tomorrow.... yet i feel apathetic about cleaning even though i want it clean... how can one feel both?
that's the story of my life confliction and confused feelings.

I want to watch the Locator but i can't find anywhere online to watch it and that makes me feel really irritated.
Also Endurance...
Both shows very different but amazing.
Take away all the good stuff and leave the crap...yep.

i'm having indigestion... ugh. hate. it. so. much.

On the bright side...it's night and night time is the best... quiet and peaceful.
I'm hoping my head shuts up and i'm able to rest...last night even when i did finally sleep it wasn't restful i sware it's like someone was talking to me all night my dreams were constant and things felt real but it wasn't any visual dreams it was all just stuff i was hearing?
anyone else have dreams where they don't see things but they hear them and you know your dreaming?
i do.... not to often but when i do it's continues and constant and it's like i jerk awake because someone is talking to me... when they aren't and i know i sound insane right now... so i'm going to drop this subject and go get ready for bed...
all for now..... and enough of this randomness.