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2017-05-16 00:48:54 (UTC)

Remember my name

I started working early this morning on my letter with the stats of information to prove to the owner that I know what I am doing without actually saying the words. I sent emails to the three brokers who has lakefront property under contract asking if they would mind letting me know what the selling price is. Without it I have to wait until it closes...or I will have to use the list price in my evaluation. I did not tell them that. I just told them I was working on pricing in that area and would like the information.

Of course no one revealed it. Only one broker responded, she had to forward the email to another broker who would have that information. I have heard from no one else. ASS HOLES! I am beginning to believe that first professor I had in real estate classes told us that this business was cut throat especially in the sellers market. That is what we are in. So, although I did not get any information to put together my letter..I did start researching addresses to send put some post cards on Wednesday. I already have 150 and several more streets to check...looks like I will have about 250 or 300 post cards to send out. I went ahead to the post office to get more rolls of stamps. I spent 150 bucks. Tax deduction.
But tax deduction on nothing so far this year. We really need some business.

I did not hear anything else from the pansy broker who was whining about not getting an offer on time to us and threatening to file a complaint. LOL I encouraged him to do so. COWARD! Probably a damn protestor type who would burn your car if it had a TRUMP sticker on it. Mine does not. I do not allow my cars to wear stickers. But I do have that white ball cap with the 45 on it...and TRUMP on the back.

These damns protestors are only proving what a waste of money we are spending to send our children to college. What are they teaching them? They can not debate? They can not simply ask questions at the end of a talk after listening? Instead they scream, break windows, throw shit...swear and threat violence? No back and forth with reasoning stuck in the conversation somewhere? Sad to watch but it is the world we are living in today.

I am working on the letter tomorrow...and I will just use the list prices....and send it to them as information...not a request for a meeting or anything. I will tell them that if they need my help, they can call. I am not begging for a listing. I am not in need for it....but when I can make 24 thousand on one deal...or more. Hey, I will try. They will remember my name. And that is something.