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2017-05-15 19:04:43 (UTC)

Day Five

Mood: Super tired and sleep deprived and worried about my Dad.
Song: None, my brain can't handle it right now.... silence is golden... or well as close to silence as i can get right now.
Color: Emerald Green

Prompt: What are your Top 10 Favorite Book Characters?

This is really hard for me to narrow and choose...and there are two instances on this list where i chose two characters from the same book, but that's what i was thinking and feeling today... i guess with life this list is subject t change but as of right now it stands.
And as for The first two Characters i feel like i couldn't choose one with out choosing the other....they are the other half to each other they are connected and i love them both...
so with out farther ado... my list.

1. Saphira Bright scales From the Inheritance Cycle By Christopher Paolini
(Saphira is a Dragon, one of the few who were stolen from the evil king and taken as and egg so that someone might be her rider so that the dragon riders might rise again after being killed off... Saphira is Funny, Wise, Kind, Noble, proud, Caring, Brave, reckless and just brilliant.
which brings us to our next character...

2. Eragon From the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini
Who is By magic and destiny Saphira's rider who is able to do magic and who is just a normal farm boy who gets thrown into being a hero when it's not even what he wanted in his life.
But he's ultimately good and does what's right despite a bad temper and making rash decisions.

3. Lucy Pevensie From the Chronicle of Narnia By C.S. Lewis
I love and admire Lucy in these books because she never gives up on her beliefs and her hope and her faith.
She's brave and true and loyal and kind and fierce, she says it how it is, and doesn't look back.
She's the only one who never doubts.
She remains strong and faithful and she is the youngest in her family and she discovers the world in which she eventually becomes a queen.
but not the type that all she wants is to sit on a throne in a palace...no she goes on adventures and she fights in battles and she wants to see and do and experience everything and for those reasons i put her on this list.

4. Edmond Pevencie
I have Edmund on this list basically for just the opposite of Lucy in some ways...
While Lucy never gave up or gave in or stopped believing and was loyal... Edmond was the biggest skeptic... was cynical and he betrayed his Family and The Narnians, He was a traitor.
He chose the wrong path...but he reminds me that there is redemption and there is mercy and that even a traitor can mend, and people can actually change... he goes from someone who is mean and hateful and rash and angry to someone who is calm and brave who looks at all sides of a situation, he becomes someone compassionate and wise as well as someone who is braver than the rest, who always has the answers to the problem and the plan of action he becomes the one always prepared and resourceful.
He become a beloved person...and i love him for how he changed and how he was redeemed.

5. Jo March from Little Women by Lousia Mae Alcott
Jo March is Outspoken and blunt, she is a tomboy born in the wrong time during the civil war where she wants to go out and fight and do something good in the world but being a woman she can't.
She's Loyal and caring she's a writer and day dreamer and aspiring world traveler.
She uses the stories she writes to get through the tough things she goes through in life.
She has a bad temper but she's incredibly intelligent, she hates change but would sacrifice anything for her family and that is shown in the book, and that is why i love her as a character.

6. Pony Boy Curtis From the Outsider by S. E. Henton
I love that despite having gone through the loss of his parent, the threat of being taken by DHS from his brother the only family he has left, being discriminated on by most people because of where he's from and how much money he has, and how he dresses, despite seeing death, and murder, drugs and a rough life all together his heart remains intact, and he remains a beautiful soul, who loves people and writing and poetry and his family.
I love that he tries to act tough and hard like the others around him but in the end he is different...
he is pure in a way that the others aren't ....stay gold Pony boy, stay gold.

7. Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee.
Atticus isn't like most male characters you see, or like any of the male characters on this list, he isn't a fighter, at least not physically.
He's a brain, he's a heart, he's a person that cares deeply for other people, he wants to help them and change things for the good, but he also knows that he's only one person and that he can't force change on other people.
He sees things in black or white it's either right or it's wrong and he's willing to stand and even be in danger for what's right.
He's a good father, a good man, who in his own small ways helps the people around him even when he knows he can't radically change the world around him the way he's like to.

8. Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
She is the Youngest in her family, she's red headed with a temper and she's stubborn, but she's strong, she's talented and she's fierce.
She's loyal...she's understanding and she's not a central character most of the time but you always see her in the background do everything she can to help Harry, to help the cause, to help her family, to be a good friend, to make herself into the best person she could possibly be and i admire that in her.

9. Vicki Bryne From Left Behind by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins
She's independent and head strong and blunt.
she's not afraid of much anything that comes her way she takes to playing a maternal role as basically the only female main character the second oldest in the main four.
Shes' edgy and grew and and continues to grow up to fast,
she falls in love with the person that she fights with the most...she has strong opinions and beliefs she works hard to stand for those and she's ready to give an answer to those who question it or her.
She's a risk taker and she'd sacrifice herself to save those she loves.

10. Jesse Tuck from Tuck everlasting By Natalie Babbit
Jesse is just a care free soul, he takes what ever negative circumstance that life throws at him and turns it into something good, he makes the best of every situation and he lives life to the fullest and experiences everything...but i guess if you have all the time in the world do so you should, but not everyone in his family does...or sees it for a positive...but i like that he does.
I'm not sure in his shoes i would... but still.
traveling, never aging having a fun and adventurous look on life that... that i admire.

All of these Character i see myself in them all a little bit and i guess that's why l love them it's when you are able to somewhat relate to a character that you can truly fall in love with them, and worry with them and cry and laugh and truly experience a story the way it's meant to be experienced.

Honorable mentions go to:
Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)
Price Caspian (Chronicle of Narnia)
Laura Ingles-Wilder (Little house on the prairie)
Lionel Washington (Left Behind)
Peeta Melark (The Hunger Games)
Sarah Crewe (The little Princess)
Quentin Jacobson (Paper Towns)
Jonas (The giver)
Theodore Lawrence *Laurie* (Little women)