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2017-05-15 01:06:10 (UTC)

Sunny Sunday again

I woke up to an almost empty house....but the coffee was ready so I poured a cup and read the morning news....paper.
I deleted the post I posted yesterday because it was about business and I would rather wait till the matter is handled and everyone is satisfied with the outcome before I mention it again. All I will say here is in Real Estate, sometimes we have to deal with brokers that think they are so special that they DEMAND things that are not possible for us to deliver. I may have a complaint made about something regarding my daughter not returning a damn call after three hours. She was with clients and did not get the message until he started running his mouth making demands. I look forward to cleaning the floor up with him taking him back to school. So, that is tomorrow.

So, today he came back home with biscuits and a dozen roses for me. Said he would be cooking dinner later in the day. So, I took a shower and left seeking for sale by owners. I found one on the lake that expired on the 5th. They are now using which is horrible. I have already researched this property. They bought this lake front place for around 600k about 5 yrs ago. It is valued at near 950k now. But there are also about 20 places for sale and about 10 pending. One pending is lake front too and it was listed for 899k and on the market for over a yr. We are in a sellers market. But this is a rare find and price range. Most people cannot pay 180k down and still have 4000 a month house payments.....but we may get lucky and find someone who can pay cash or more down or just buy it because of what it is and where it is. How to get this listing? I am sending them a detailed report on what is long each is listed and what is pending and how long that took...including the 899k. I am going to try to get them to list it with me below 900k and with my lower rate of commission...they would net the same...and we would be in a new better price range. with me luck.

I walked around in wally world a few laps today too. I was looking for a WALKMAN to use while outside or cutting grass. I have two, but they are packed in the storage unit. No, they do not have them. One guy did not even know what a WALKMAN was. Can you believe it?

I put in some CD;s to listen too after washing my car. I felt so good today listing to music and riding around looking for places....
The only time I get a chance to listen to music is when I am in my car. Did that today very loud.

Cross your fingers. I need this listing.