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2017-05-15 00:16:02 (UTC)

Day Four

Mood: weird.
Song: None but i somehow started watching gender reveals on YouTube...what even is my life??
Color: Yellow

It's a Sunday, It's Mothers Day
Love you Mom!

Anyways the prompt for today is
How do you take care of yourself when you are stressed?

Okay so... i know that when you are in stressful situations you cannot always immediately do some of these things but this is what i'd like to do or do after, or when it's not a specific stressful thing happening what i try to do to just chill out.

When i'm stressed the first thing i do to take care of my self is to just take a deep breath.
another thing i do is Pray... it helps because prayer changes things and it can bring great peace and comfort in any instance.
I like to be off alone to just collect my thoughts and what ever... like if i want to cry i can if i want to just sit in silence i can
if i want to blare music loudly i can, having some time to yourself helps stress lots.
I might write about it to vent out my stress and worries.
I might talk to someone i trust.
I will often time go for a walk or do something physical to kind of take my mind off of it but to also be using the emotion to do something productive.
I will often day dream.... i will specifically at least for a little while not think about the thing that is stressing me this usually doesn't work for long because i'm a worrier and i obsess over things that i'm stressed about.
Long showers are also good for stress.
I'm not good at it but when i'm stressed about things that i can't change or control i try to let that go and just be content with the things that i can help.... like i said i'm not good at it but the few time that i've been able to finally let something go, it's been incredibly freeing and you feel so much lighter.
Stress... is unavoidable.
But it's also Ridiculous...because most of the things we stress out about are things that we can't change... the things that we don't want to do, the things that are difficult but we have to face them... it's like why can't we let what's coming come and face it when it does?
why do we have to ruin today with the worries and stresses of what's coming tomorrow?
I know i ask this...when i do it too...
but i think it's something that we should work on... worrying and stress isn't going to help you or the circumstances that are making you feel that way, it's not going to add a day to your life and it's only going to make the day's you do have...less enjoyable.

So i want to stop borrowing trouble from tomorrow...today has enough of it's own to think about.
Lets just let the stress go and enjoy this day, this hour, this moment...because your not promised more than that.
Life is a gift...cherish it, why waste our precious time focusing on feeling anything but Joy and happiness if at all possible?