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2017-05-13 20:48:41 (UTC)

Day Three

Mood: Relieved
Song: None but an episode of friends is playing in the background.
Color: Dark Red

Today started out extreme and intense pain, and i'm not the type that freaks out over the slightest pain, i have a high pain tolerance so for me to say that what ever this was was bad...well then it was bad.
I've had this happen 3 times now and each time its progressively worse but they are very spaced out.
It's like indigestion and muscle spasms and stomach aches and burning and everything feels like it's being twisted and it's not fun...
It woke me up this morning the pain, it worked it's way into my dreams and turned them into my stomach being cut open and it being very graphic and gory...and then i woke up in pain....
i waited it out for about 30 minutes hoping it would pass but then i went downstairs had to take something for the endigestion and then a muscle relaxer for the pain.... it took about an hour for everything to kick in and i fell into a drugged sleep that was at about 8:30 this moring meaning the pain started sometime around 7:30 or maybe before but i did't get bad enough to wake me up until 7:30.
Now my stomach feels sensitive but i'm not in pain.
Ugh.... The symptoms of all this equal to either Gallbladder or an Ulcer neither of which i have time or money for...
I'm just going to be thankful that i'm no longer in that much pain.
and try to move on with my day...though i still feel drowsy from the muscle relaxer...
I don't take anything that strong so i feel like the rare occasion that i do it really wipes me out where some people have built up a resistance to things like that after taking them alot.

anyways enough of my rambling today's Subject is:
What is one thing you will always do?

I have to be honest and say that when it comes to hobbies and stuff like that i'm not terribly consistent i pick something up do it for a while and then stop.
The only thing i've done for more than a couple of years consistently is Photography which I've done for 13 years and writing "officially" for about 7 years.
I mean i'd write for school and stuff before 7 years ago but i didn't really write for me for fun because i enjoyed it and keep up with it consistently until i was 16.
so basically when i started using this sight or sights like it.
But i also wrote hand written "Journals" too.
But i can't imaging going back to how i was before...so i think writing is something that i will always do.
I think in one capacity or another i will always write, i will always want to do poetry and i will always want to take not of my life and save it and have something to look back on, i will always want this sort of....therapy for myself weather it's something like this on here that people can see and read and comment on, or something private like a hand written journal or file on my computer.

What is something you feel like you will away's do? why is it important to you?