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The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-05-13 12:33:26 (UTC)

Called In "sick"

LOL called in sick to work. Even though it's been like months since I have. I called at like 7:15 and myanager said, it's an in proper call in. Now they want you to call an hour before hand lmao.

Well bitch, you just mad because now, I can't be your little puppet and do whatever you want. And have me do things that's not even in my department.

Sometimes, I feel like my managers are more soft towards the guys in my department. Because, men are pussies and can't handle shit by themselves.

For example, I was covering someone's shift in a department I have never closed before. And you think my team leader, would be like l, ok here's what you need to do, blah, blah. But she never did. And then expected me to know what to do.

In this department, we are suppose to lock up certain things, because they are considered high theft, meaning people tend to steal these items. And a manager is suppose to be there with you when you pull certain things.

But she was "busy" and I know for a fact, that if the one guy was working like he was suppose to. She would like oh let me help you, so I can flirt with you. Such bull shit.

And she always rushes to associates that work outside. Whatever men are weak and can't handle the simplest things. Like ringing up a customer lol.

Bunch of pussies. I love how men claim they work hard. But, they're always the ones complaining, and doing as little as possible lol.

Fuck everyone. Byeee.