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2017-05-12 23:35:18 (UTC)

Back to normal whatever that is

My son has been hanging out here more at night instead of going to the shop to work on the racecar. But he is there tonight since they are getting ready for this weekend races. It has been good to have some company here with someone that actually takes the time to spend with me discussing things. He talked to me about so much this week. And I am feeling very blessed to have such a good son. I wish he would meet a girl that would treat him good. I worry that he will be lonely someday.

I have been cleaning today and feel nasty. I will be back shortly to complete this post. I need to go shower...and put on a robe or something.
Much to update on.....

....later after the shower.... ( feel much better )

Things are moving right along. He is still working. We were expecting this to be his last week. Hoping tonight is the last night for a while.
I am still looking forward to seeing him actually do something to this house. He does not realize it but I have a nest egg fund. And I plan on getting the hell out of here if it does not happen this summer. He has been saying this stuff for years. He goes back to work in the fall. So, if things do not happen....I will look for a place then and move while he is at work. He will come home to legal papers waiting him one morning...and no wife. Not this one anyway. Time will tell.

I think I have grown stronger this past year. Worrying about the possibility of losing the boss and then him getting his liver and now practically back to normal....and him making me the boss. I am still the boss. He said he was ok with me continuing to be broker in charge so he does not have to get into all that right now. I am finally beginning to behave like the boss too. Today was a great day to be one. I talked to him early this morning. That very low offer came in from the church last night and he told them another number to counter with. We are not sure what they will do but I encouraged him to think positive. One thing we got that they will never find anywhere else is location. They want to use the large of these two units as a place for the youth to use from their church which is right next door. Location Location...and I reminded him that even if she does not come to an agreement with them and she does lease it out. One, she will have some money coming in again making the property once again an income producing property. We have several companies waiting for that to happen. All I have to do then is update our brochure...information sheet and send it to the many people who have been interested in this property. So, we are good. He was worried about her, the owner screaming and pitching a fit with the low offer. I told him to let her pitch her fit and when she calms down, remind her that we are working for her, not them. We have already countered and have asked them to give her 1000 bucks for each month that we wait to way of agreeing to release 10 % of the 10k earnest deposit while we wait on them to do their due diligence making a final decision. By giving us a 10K ED, they are serious and they want it. If they get it, they will have income from the other unit...till her lease runs out. So, I think they will finally agree to the price. If not, we can still sell it. No problem. He felt better....

I received an email from out MLS system alerting me that our company has a new listing. So, my daughter has a new listing. I went into our system and checked it and made some corrections for her. I also copied some of the photos and entered it on our website. She has 2 offers today...and probably will have it under contract tomorrow.
My phone rang around 4. She was still at work outside walking during a break. She filled me in on the listing. Then told me that my granddaughter does not work anymore. I thought she was trying to change jobs. But instead, she quit without a new one. She said that she is studying for exams and for that Test they have to score high on to get into college. I understand that. So, I said well, maybe she can find something this summer....and this is when I was informed that the girls all want to go to camp in Florida this summer for a week and to the oldest will be a counselor at a church camp for younger kids for about a month. She talked about all that for a while...then let it slip that they all want to go to the Fl. trip but she is not sure if she will have to money to pay 600 a piece for 3 they will want spending money..
Wow. I did not say to much. But I did mention that it is a good thing she has this listing. Hopefully it will close quickly and she will then have the money. Looks like that might work out after all.

I barely have a relationship with them. They all have cell phones. I never hear from them. AS far as I know they hate my guts. What am I to think? I believe I had decided that I was not going to be a ATM machine. I am their grandmother. Never invited to a damn thing. Well, after buying the oldest a car...she did invite me to a play. One thing. WHOA!

She started explaining that her fax machine is not hooked up cause she was not having luck getting it too work. So, I suggested a few things to get it to work and reminded her also that I have to have copies of all contracts and documents or she will not receive a commission check until I do. I am required by the real estate commission to have it. She knows this. She tested me tonight and said it was working now.

I had suggested that she teach that oldest or middle one too to do some of the administrative things with her real estate stuff. Then tell them if or when she closes on something....she will pay them for helping her. Plus they will be learning the business. She thought that was a good idea. I bet one of them hooked up that fax for her today. Hoping she gets more serious and gets some more business.....

I think things will work out for all of us. I just need to stick to my guns. I am not going to be walked all anyone ever again.

That my friends is a fact.