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2017-05-12 04:12:16 (UTC)

Random words

Mood: Yeah...
Song: The Piano Man by Billy Joel
Color: Blue

We are the one's with the power and the guns
we are like ghost busters we're the one's you call
When chaos breaks out we're the ones who stand tall

Why do we have to step in and fight evil?
Superhero's we pretend to be with superpowers we lied about.
Making up what we don't know praying we're not washed out.

Which is of these stories is the one that's true?
That we stand for truth or that we're lucky pretending so far.
I'm just a normal person willing to fight and protect and scar.

Written while thinking about the world we live in and while listening to superman by Five for Fighting.

I try to smile through my pain and tears
I try not to mourn my losses through the years
I try to turn over a new life and leaf
But it just falls and blows from the trees.

Random lines i don't know what do do with right now....