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2017-05-11 21:01:36 (UTC)

Day One

Mood; Tired
Song: Human by Christina Perri
Color: dark pink

I like the writing challenges it's fun and nice to do and to write more so that's what i'm going to do, that's not to say i won't write about other things because i will.
i know it's unusual for me to do two writing challenges so soon back to back but like i said i just like it and i feel like doing it and so i am :)
This is day one of thirty days of writing prompts.
Honestly it's a good distraction.
so without farther ado... here we go.

#1 Describe your day in 30 Words

1. Lazy
2. Worrisome
3. Babysitting
4. Float
5. Music
6. Tired
7. Irritated
8. Loyalty
9. Friends
10. Nightmare
11. Distraction
12. Chores
13. Fragile
14. Creativity
15. Singing
16. Family
17. Warm
18. Windy
19. Bright
20. Beautiful
21. *Breathe*
22. Hopeful
23. Thankful
24. Smile
25. Cry
26. Pray
28. Protect
29. Conversations
30. Connections

So yeah that's my day in 30 words.
Here's hoping that the rest of it goes well and i wishing all my friends and family the absolute best...
I've heard of lots of nightmares going around and i'm praying that those fade and the worries and fears that came with them also fade and that this day is good, and that everything is and will be alright for us all.
Hang in there... :)
and i'm always here if you need to talk day or night.
That's how we get through the roughest times it's the knowing that you have people that you can turn to, to be there and to listen who love and care about you.
Today is a new day.