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2017-05-10 20:15:39 (UTC)

Better day then this

I was having a great day this morning. I had talked to the boss and the older guy about his listing and he decided to withdrawal it. The boss was to meet at that listing this afternoon so I could get a termination signed and my signs and lockbox. Plus he was going to give me a check for some marketing expenses. Then my husband wakes up. Apparently there is something once again wrong with that damn truck. He wants to drive my car to work. So, I had to cancel my meeting and changed it until in the morning. Good lord. I called the garage to let them know the truck was coming back in.

He wanted me to have my son help me take it to drop it off this evening so it will be there in the morning. He did not want me to rent a car.
I was ok with not renting a car. My lord, we could have bought an extra vehicle with all the cash that has been paid on that truck since he ran over bambi on the way home. Now, more repairs? SHIT.

I searched CarMax after all this and located a SUV just like I been waiting. 3 yrs old less than 35k miles...for only 16k. Not even sure if I can get a loan. My husband said probably not. But we shall see. I intend to go text drive it Friday. I will pay cash for it I can not get a damn loan. He can keep driving my HHR if he needs too. But I am not selling it. Not sure what is going to happen. One thing is for sure. I am going to have to drive that truck to the shop....or he and I will have to do it in the morning and more cash to keep it on the road. keeps sucking some but at least the President got that damn FBI SOB out before he tried to take over the country...
Learn your job description. Just because you are taller than anyone else does not mean you are more important than portico

The media is going nuts. CNN is very entertaining when the President makes a big move like this. It is awesome to watch.
I laughed my ass off.

Speaking of...
lost another pound.....