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2017-05-10 13:10:16 (UTC)

Routine sucks...

Hi there!

I am feeling a bit lonely this morning. I was not able to chat with my husband as well because he is at work. I guess it is like that when the house is empty. My daughter is at school. Also, I am fed up of the same. Routine is boring for me I like to be out and about.

Yesterday, I had a busy day. I went to the hairdresser to have my eyebrows and my nails done... a luxury for me nowadays. This afternoon I am going out again and this is good. I just hope to have money to do all the things I need to do. I mean, I hope the money lasts until the end of the month.

I have to take my daughter to a specialist here we call podologist but I am not sure it is the same in England where my husband is at the moment living. So, another expense. It is difficult to deal with the new expenses that appear all the time. This stresses me a lot.

The cleaner came and the house is much cleaner. Shame I cannot pay her every week. She only comes twice a month. Just a moment... I have to hang the clothes... The cycle of the washing machine is over. It's done!

I wish my husband had a better well paid job but he doesn't. He is in a kind of part-time job. So, it is not a high salary. It is only for the expenses I guess. This frustrates me a lot. I keep telling him to look for another job but he says that there aren't a lot of jobs in the area he lives as it is a small town. If it was for him to get a better job he would have to move from where he is at the moment. Also, we have some plans as well for the future and he is preparing for that with a part-time job... lol because in some years he will be retired. OMG!

Anyway, being at home doesn't help me at all. I get anxious that I could be working and I am not... so I cannot leave my daughter at home alone and then someone has to cook lunch here and maintain the house and it is down to me. Lately, I am asking small tasks for my daughter to do as she is an adolescent now and can help a bit. Most of the time she does... but she moans a bit...

These have been the most difficult days of my life. Being separate from my husband and not being able to live together is very hard on us. But I am surviving. I guess, I would be happier if I had a work or a part-time job and could get out of the house more often. Right now, I am thinking about cooking lunch as it is our main meal here in Brazil.

So, I must go now. But I still keep faith in my heart. Good energy to all of us.