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2017-05-09 00:42:50 (UTC)

Bite my tongue

I am feeling good and bad at the moment. Good news today is our friend who has ALS who was so weak, she was using a where chair instead of a now taking this new medication and is using walker again. Blessed. Glad to hear that medication for anything actually is working for them...especially this. I pray it helps many more people too.

I got 92 post cards addressed and stamped and in the mail today. I am so happy. I hope someone calls us. The boss is thrilled about the design of them this time. I am very good at this part. But it took me about 16 hours of research to get that many properties several of them were tossed for one reason or another. I am hoping that none of these are returned and we get a call or two...or many.

I prepared hot dogs for lunch today. While eating one, I bit my tongue. Not just one of those chewing gun bites that heal quickly. I bit the crap of it towards the back....and it hurts like crazy. After he left for work, I crushed ice and tried to allow that to help. It did not. So, later, I went to get a chocolate milkshake. That helped some.

I made plans to see my business lady for a late lunch on Wednesday. Hoping that works out. I like having lunch with her. She is awesome. And reminds me I am alive and have much to live for. Lift me up friend. I am ready to soar.....