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2017-05-08 13:43:19 (UTC)

Making progress

Sunday was a bust. No one called so I did not show houses to the people who called me all last week. After our last conversation, I was certain I would be busy showing property and getting to know them. Had folders made and all that. Nothing wrote on the forms though. I learned the hard way that I do not waste filling out any forms until they are ready. So, I can still use the folders I have with someone in the future.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a future. LOL But maybe...hard work usually rewards us at some point. Although, the first quarter brought us zero. And in a few weeks we are ending the second quarter with more of the same. The only thing that can save us is the post cards that I am preparing to be mailed out this week. Worked on that yesterday after showering....while waiting for them to call. So, my day was not wasted.

Even though he cooked dinner which included fried chicken, creamed potatoes and green beans.....when I weighed in this morning...
I have lost one more pound. No exercise. Just no more sweets, no more sodas. Easting everything else in moderation. The only thing added to this regimen is the pink pineapple. I am eating one of them in the morning at least every other day. In the evening if I get hunger pains I eat a small bowl of cereal. Something that needs no sugar. Raisin bran like. Honey Cheerio's. And I use regular milk. I do not drink milk enough to be concerned about changing it to the watered down versions. Plus although I have not had real bad heart burn recently, when a TUM does not knock it out, a half glass or a cup of cold milk can help.

I am almost able to say that I have lost 10 pounds. If I keep this up even at this 1 pound a day see where I am headed?

How do I feel?

Well, I had started taking the hormonal every other day. Yesterday I had forgot to take it for two days. So, after getting a sick in my stomach feeling like I was going to throw up, I just took one of the pills. It was in the afternoon too. Not night. I did not get too sleepy, but I was asleep by 11pm and woke up at 4am. I managed to go back to sleep till my son woke me at 6:30am to tell me he was leaving his truck here and one of his men was picking him up for work. After that, I went back to sleep for a couple more hours. I can say that I feel pretty good.

My skin is still bothering me. I think the itching broke out places under my arms and breast and at the crease of my legs (inside area where panties are) is all from heat and sweat. A heat rash. Something I never encountered when I was not a fat ass. Being a fat ass now has created issues like this. I can not keep thinking that I have skin cancer etc...bull shit all the time. I need to continue to lose this weight, stop putting crap inside my body and instead, try to help my body to get back to somewhat of a normal existence.

I go to regular doctor again to update on scalp next week. At that appointment I will ask they do bloodwork. I think it should be clear of too much cholesterol or sugar. And losing the weight and actually feeling a little better is proof that I need to keep this up.

I need to take care of myself. No one around here will. Only me. Okay, that is not true exactly. He cooked yesterday. He cooked what I asked him too. He also went to store and made sure we had ginger ale for my stomach when I felt bad. I had a head ache too...but it eased off and I did not have to take anything for it. No Pepto-Bismol for my stomach either. So, I am thinking my diet or the pills for hormonal replacement could be causing that. That is what the doctors appointment will be about.

The scalp and the reoccurring head aches.

Losing this weight is making me feel like there is hope.