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2017-05-07 15:51:52 (UTC)

Past present and future

When writing our story, we sometimes get stuck on headlines. Here I often get stuck on Titles. Probably the hardest part of posting here is adding a title. It is my habit of adding the title first and then go to the posting of my thoughts here. I took time last night to go back a year in my entries and saw first hand that no, my titles do not always match my postings. Sometimes, the only thing that is correct is the date it was written.

Listening to the early Sunday religious sermon's from Joel Osteen and then Steven Furtick, I was inspired today. As soon as I turned on the show, Joel was going on and on about how we allow others to put labels on us, creating sadness and desperation inside our hearts based on those labels or words they use to describe us. We need to come to the conclusion that God is our father. He loves us. If we feel like our parents did not love us as I feel, we need to remember that if God had a refrigerator, our photo would be on it because he is proud of us and loves us like no other. No matter where we come from, no matter what our past or where we are right now, God is our biggest fan and he loves us.

Steven later re-enforced this message with his sermon. He was talking about writing our stories and how we are attracted to headlines. What headline can we write to get someone's attention so they will read our story? If we refer to facebook or other internet pages, even here sometimes, we tend to click on titles of post or headlines that are no so flattering. Then we go on to read that story or post to learn more and sometimes it is nothing like we thought it would be. There is so much more to each and every one of us that the only person really who knows the story, the whole story besides ourselves is God.. The other chatter from people who do not like us, or believe in us or who remember only the mistakes we have made are not important. Even with a shattered past, God understands and forgives and loves us in our present state and welcomes us into our future.

I know I worry so much about things people may be saying about me. This concern has caused me to age faster and could be the source of my feeling ill so much. I am doing this too myself. God has forgiven me for my mistakes. He has been clapping his hands and screaming BRAVO each successful day I have or song I sing. He is my biggest fan. Even if he was my only fan, he is enough. I am enough for him and he is enough for me.

So, if my daughter wants little to do with me, that behavior is on her. Just like I did not want much to do with my biological mother, and GOD knows why that was, that behavior is on me. So, I need to let that go. I need to know that someday she will see and she will come around. I know this. So, letting it go brings more time and room into my life for the good things I am capable of doing and the wins in my future. She will be proud. And I will be proud of her. I always have been. I will not allow negativity to put a damper on my relationship with her.

"In all things; GOD works for the good of those who love him who are called according to his purpose".

My purpose is not to be sad nor to worry all the time about what people think or how they feel about me. What GOD sees and feels and thinks of me is the only reason and I shall be guided with that love and move on to my future where ever that takes me.

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