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2017-05-06 22:37:09 (UTC)

Springfest avoided this year

I did have a friend who plays music who was performing around 3pm today downtown right in front of the bank. I was going back and forth about going or not. The house was clean, clothes washed, and around 1pm I realized while thinking about all I had done to free up this day that I have two grown men here who have neither one had breakfast or lunch. Big buzz kill. So, I announced to them as if it was the plan that I had not planned on cooking today, but I would go pick something up for them instead. The BRIGHTSTAR was chosen and I had called it in. BY the time I returned, I was out of the mood to go anywhere else. It was almost time for him to begin getting ready to go into work, and I had to take a I decided to stay home and rest. This would be good since I would be avoiding alcohol and bar food since I know I would have ended up at the pub before returning home. I have lost about 5 pounds since giving up sodas. We do not want to mess with that.

Plus..I may have some showings to do tomorrow. And if so....I want to be clear headed for that.

He told me he is not sure if he has to work tomorrow or not tomorrow so there is no need to go pick up something to cook.
All that means to me is if he does not have to work..he will stop on his way home to pick up what he wants to cook. That really makes me feel less of a woman....a shitty wife...when he does that. I am the woman of the house and I keep this place in tip top shape....they never have to ask where are clean towels, clean clothes...or clean dishes...or food. I would appreciate being appreciated once and a while instead of him taking over. Take over on my birthday or mothers day. Not on your only day off when I know you are the one that should have dinner prepared for you can rest.