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2017-05-05 20:25:46 (UTC)

Better Friday

This morning was very busy. He had planned on getting up to take me to return rental car and pick up my car. I had received an email from the printers saying the post cards were ready to be picked up. So, I had one more thing to do. First I was thinking that I would go pick them up, get some stamps and have that out of the way. But instead, I decided to go return the rental, and walk down to the garage to pick up my car and then pick up post cards and get some stamps. So, when I got back from all that, he was up wondering what happened to our plans. I told him it made more sense to do it this way so he did not have to get up or be rushed with an extra errand. All done. He was happy.

I got a call from the lady who was interested my latest listing, we discussed price. I explained to her why the man thinks the house is worth the list price and agreed with her that it is too high. I have tried to get him to understand but he is set on it at this price or he will just keep it. So, we both feel that is probably what he will be doing. We discussed some other property that I sent her to consider. She likes one of them very much...especially that subdivision. We have plans to go see it and some more on Sunday after Church. I think I have a serious buyer. She is involved in loan processing and understands a lot. She is awesome.

So, I called the boss with that update and explained to him about the post cards. I mailed him one so he can see them. He told me to send him the receipt for all of it, the cards and the stamps and he will send me a check. Wow....I save money at the rental today and left there a happy camper for sure. Now, he is mailing me a check for the money I spent. I am still doing real good with keeping my funds in order and in the bank. I like the idea of being able to put more back. WHOA!

The commercial deal is this coming Wednesday. I think it is going through this time. YEAH!!! Then I can list her house too....
omg that house will sell fast. Can not wait to see that U-Haul heading towards Texas.

I move them in...and I move them out.

Feels good.
Feels right.
A good Friday night