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2017-05-04 19:23:47 (UTC)

Another cloudy headache day

Man, I am tired of feeling like this. It is rare that I do not have a mild lingering headache. I have used the nasal spray in hopes that it is that. Must not be my sinuses or allergies cause the nasal spray that is for that stuff does not help at all. 2 Ibuprofen eases it off for a short time, but then I have to take a couple more. I took a long hot shower today...used that damn shampoo the doctor prescribed....I felt better but may have to do all that a couple times a keep washing off the crap, the top layer, the pain, dead skin, not sure what. Since I am now getting a rash in my arm pit area, I have stopped using the deodorant until that clears up. So, two or three showers a day.....nothing new. I nice hot soak in a tub would be so nice. But since I do not have tub that I can use, that is out.

Not about to pay thousands of bucks for a damn tub for old people either. I have seen houses with those tubs. The tubs look like crap after a while. Or they look like they were used only once. Why? Not what the thought it was going to be? Are they cheaply made? Whatever. I am not doing it. I would put that money towards a hot tub instead. Now that would help lots of things...

No calls today....not yet. I really need a closing. Still waiting on the new post cards. I am hoping that helps get the company some business too. Word from other realtors is that the mail outs help them the most. Not the adds....not the calling. I think most people hate getting calls or scam emails. A nice message reminding them who we are with a great photo of the town hall up the street? Now that might do it.