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2017-05-03 22:53:23 (UTC)

Busy unproductive day

I was even thinking that couple would want to see that house. I get people implying they will call the next day all the time and never hear from them again. I had already decided that I would take my HHR to pick up his truck and leave it to be inspected. So, I that is what I was doing. Then, of course the lady called wanting to see the property at 11:00. So, I called the owner and set it up. Still planning on getting that truck and dropping off HHR, I went on to do that first. Got back home to print out an Offer and other needed forms just in case they want to make an offer. I got back here with 45 minutes to do all that. I had just finished and was getting ready to put it all in my brief case being ready to go when the phone rang. She cancelled!!! Some excuse about he can not get off work at that time as something had come up. I suggested that she come without him to get a first look. But she was not having it. Said she would call me later. I did get her email. Sent her some other properties to consider that a bit lower than almost 300k that this one is.

So, when I talked to the owner, he was flip flopping about if he should sell or keep it. Still could not decide. I was thrown back by that since he signed a listing agreement with is a contract with my company so we could market it. I called the boss to discuss it with him. He was not surprised. He said he figured that man would change his mind and we should be careful from here on out. So, I felt ok with sending her other property to consider. The boss said we should have a offer on our commercial property near the speedway by Friday. Now, that owner does not like the broker bringing the offer and has refused to negotiate with him. She will only accept a full price offer. Dear lord. She had already told me she would accept 5k less than listing. But she says now that does not apply working with this guy.

I am not sure why the boss and I are jinxed with these clients. Someone must have little dolls of us sticking pins into them. So far my hair is falling out...and the boss has a new liver. What is next?

I decided to take it easy today. Not even gonna fold clothes in the dryer till tomorrow.

Feet propped up....and I am catching up on things I have taped. I love watching the GOING RV shows....I really want one.....and a driver.