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2017-05-03 00:18:30 (UTC)

Later the day started right up

I finally rode to the post office to see if that check came back. Before I got there, I got a call from a woman who was interested in the house I listed last week. She was okay with the price too. We talked a little and she is too let me know later what time she can meet me there to see it.
I was so excited. I called the boss. Probably jinxed the entire thing. But still excited after going to the post office, I took a ride. I found
three for sale by owners. And have already sent all of them letters. Wrote down some notes on that house just in case that lady calls back.
I thought she would have called by now...I bet she won't. But after looking at what is going on in that area, I think that house is price just right.
Plus, I sent letters to 3 people...of whom I will be calling Friday afternoon or Saturday morning if I do not hear from them first.

Just reminded me that this is the time of see those for sale by owners so I need to get out more...and look for them.

While I was the grocery store to pick up stamps....I got a call from the garage. His truck is ready. YEAH!!! He can drop off my car to be inspected and have to oil changed when he picks it up. We can do that on Friday so it has all worked out well.