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2017-05-02 21:31:36 (UTC)


Mood: Ugh.
Song: None But am listening to Dan Howell Live show.
Color: Green

So wrote this a bit ago... haven't posted it, thought i would, it's kind of bad...but what ever. i like it and it expresses how i feel about a lot of things right now and it encompasses a lot of thing...so yeah but here is well everything.
Its a poem that i wrote and it's about the past, the present and the future.
It's about things in history that we can both be proud of and ashamed of, it's about learning from the past, so that we don't repeat it, it's about my generation and the older one being at odds, its about taking responsibility for your actions,
Its about my own life and my own inner struggles and wars, it's about new beginnings and it's about um, the holocaust.... it's about becoming leaders, it's about being depressed and or being numb to things and then kind of coming back to life.

For me, it's in the little phrases that all this is encompassed...you may not see all this...but i do because your not in my head or heart. haha.
anyways without farther ado here is the poem without any more stalling.
also Pantote is the name of the poem, but Pantote is a Greek word which means "at all times" "always" "ever" because for this poem i wanted it's title to encompass the past present and future and there isn't a word in the English language(that i know of correct me if i'm wrong) that does encompass the past, present, and future.
So yes that is the meaning of the word and why it's like that.

When the wars of the past still strings
with June's first days the mid-year rings

Half a years past resolutions? did you keep?
Do ghost of the past make you weep?

Can honest transformations take our scars place?
Does hopeful thinking from our past things erase?

No there's nothing from behind we should forget
Only things to re-do to learn to try to regret

Remember where you were and how you've come
Your hearts beating again! it once was numb

Generations passing on both their shame and pride
It's our turn now to lead and guide.

To stand for truth and not for compromise
To not repeat the crimes or believe lies

So forgetting a different path and new name
Changing our future remembering from where we came

We must make balance of old and new
This can hold us together through and through.

So that everything we love that doesn't just disappear
So we don't have to continue living in fear.

We will stand and make them proud
we will keep the promises that we vowed

In the end what will be will be
But past and future won't end with me.

tell me your thoughts