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2017-05-02 17:33:46 (UTC)

Discussing termites

He was up early today awaiting the tow truck to come retrieve his truck. One of the neighbors came over after my husband went out to the driveway to move his truck and position it to be put on tow truck easier. He was curious to what was going on here, so he and my husband stood in the kitchen talking man talk so, I went back into my room with my coffee. Once he left, the tow guy was here and that took a while, since he was also a talker. When all was done and driveway was free of all trucks, coming and going, I told my husband about the wonderful blessed feeling I got last night after talking to my son for so long. Then I told him about the termites. I was easy on him. Saying that he may remember a while back that I showed him the area in question and he said it was wood ants. I told him that we inspected it last night with real good light and magnifying glass to reveal that it is in fact, no doubt about it this time...termites. So, he and I discussed how to proceed with that. He knows he wants to replace the door and take down the pool and deck surrounding the pool.....he agreed it is termites and we will take care of it, but he does want to dismantle that pool area first. I think he is concerned that the mosquitos may be breeding in the pool and he does not want anyone else seeing this....since we do not want trouble. I am feeling much better after talking to him about it. He does make some sense...and when all that is done, I will set up an appointment after getting estimates for a termite bond and mosquito tick spray of our yard....all at the same time. I will go ahead and have the entire house sprayed....that building too making sure we have no spiders, snakes, or mice taking up a residence here. That is handled.

Problem two. I called the place where I had the colonoscopies last year to ask them about a letter I received yesterday for a bill from a collection agency wanting me to send them 475.00 dollars. I went through our records which I keep intensely just for this reason...and I saw no bill that was owed. She checked my records there and agreed that the bill was sent out in March and was also paid in full and our balance with them was zero. People...check this stuff. I came close to just writing a check and sending it too the collection agency yesterday, but wanted to be sure. Calling and spending time on hold listening to that damn elevator music and menus to finally get to the person you need...and calling back several times saved me 475 bucks today. Take the time to check this shit out. My husband asked why was it turned over to collection agency when it was paid in the same month it was sent out? Good question. Who knows? Probably a scam.

Three: I posted on facebook that I was deactivating for a while to avoid getting phone calls from people wanting to know why I was not there anymore. I waiting a few hours before actually doing it and got several messages.....including private messages with phone numbers to add on my phone....send a they know I got it. And I did. Now, I am officially deactivated and will stay that way this time for a while.

My conversation with my son last night about my daughter....and how she thinks I was already. So, now I am. No white lies going on.

I feel much better about all that now.

All I got to do now is go to post office and see if that letter I sent the guy to help me last week with the photo sizes came back. He has not cashed that check yet. I am not even sure he got it. But I will check. If not, I will ask him if he got it. He may have decided he felt bad taking my money which is ok. I understand. I just do not like having a check out there that has not been cashed.

Later peeps...