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2017-05-02 14:16:31 (UTC)

Termites eating my wood

About ten years or maybe longer, he spent 10k in materials and almost an entire 4 months building a deck, putting in a single French door from our kitchen to the deck. I know the wood is "pretreated" since he told me that a few times. It being treated was his "excuse" for never wanting to stain it or apply one of those protective finishes. It DOES NOT NEED IT ThAT IS A WASTE OF MONEY!!1 Okay. So, he never protected it. Now, we can not even go out there for fear of tripping over boards that have curved up...nails that have popped up. I know the first yr maybe second, he replaced some of the boards that had done that. Not since.

We never installed a gutter or "sliding" either to the back side of the garage that this deck is built. So, in about 4 yrs, the plywood was turning dark, molded looking. We wanted to get a home equity like of credit and the appraiser insisted we repair or replace that section. My husband replaced it with new wood. But did not paint it. We never got the loan.

So, later on the French door began to show discolor at the bottom..near the floor. I told him I thought that was from termites that I can see results of being there from the piles of sand like substance that I keep having to clean up. OH NO!! THAT IS NOT TERMITES I AM NOT GOING TO PAY FOR THAT SCAM OF TRYING TO KILL TERMITES...ALL THAT IS IS WOOD ANTS. And he refused to believe anything else.

He instead...took the door out, rebuilt the frame and raised it about a half inch to prevent the water from splashing up on it and reinstalled it. He replaced the wood by the doorway and painted it. Looked real good at the time. Now, the piles of sand like substance is back...the bottom of the door is moldy looking....and it clearly has visible termites. WOW! We have not been on the deck since he broke his hip....about 5 yrs.

I am at a loss for words. I stressed over it last night talking to my son who agrees with me that it is indeed termites and it is spreading.

This morning, my old man got up early waiting on the toll truck guy to come and take his truck to the garage. I am not going to mention it now. The reason I even started thinking about it was he wanted me to call this place about spraying for mosquitos. I found out how much...and hey, I am ok with paying for it myself. But I know when those guys come here...there are going to see the termite damage....and
mention it. When he finds out the cost of this place being treated....and the damage being repaired....most damage is under the house most likely....and in NC and most states, you can not sell a property with active termites. You have to treat it.

Just one more damn thing to prevent other shit here from getting done.
No wonder my fucking head is in wonder my hair is falling wonder sometimes
I give up and wish for come take me away from this madness.

I truly dread showing him this....again.