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2017-05-02 10:34:02 (UTC)

Bit bloated

Good morning!

I took my daughter to school and came back home.

This morning I am not feeling really well as I have some pain on my neck and head. However, I am fine... I mean, I am not depressed just a bit tired. Also, my stomach is funny... a bit bloated.

I had my breakfast and I am ready to go out. I love going out in the mornings. It gives me the impression life is moving and I am moving along.
Just came back from my parents' house. They were fine. In the mornings they walk in the path. I should be doing that but I lack motivation.

As my husband is not working I talked to him. He is all right and seemed happy enough.
Well, I'd better go as I don't have any more news to give... ha ha ha

Before I go... I wish you all good energy