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2017-05-01 20:52:15 (UTC)

Busy day got a call finally

I was up early. I have started taking those pills I take at night every other day instead of every nite. I think I feel better. May be too early to tell. But I did not sleep as great last night as I usually do. So, I wake up around 7am. My son was already gone to work to my surprise with the rain and storms surrounding us; he usually does not work in weather like this. But I got up, started my coffee. the kitchen was already clean, I never leave a mess when I turn in at night. I remembered that I had a dish to throw together and started looking at the recipe. I waited a little while, but soon after getting up, I started. OMG. It was like making meat loaf but in patties, then pouring a mushroom gravy over it. The patties had to be browned before putting in the baking dish. By the time the food was in the oven, my kitchen looked like I had a catering business going or something. So, I proceeded with washing up things and sat down for another cup of coffee. I love the new stove with its timer so I can just start on other things and not be too concerned about burning something.

I needed to work on my website where I wanted to add the virtual tour to MLS of that last listing. Plus, I wanted to turn the doc of the survey showing the lot into a photo file so it could also be added to was not too frustrating so I went ahead and did it all. It feels so good to actually get something accomplished when things work out the way I am needing them too. By then, he was up drinking his coffee asking what is that wonderful smell coming from the kitchen. I explained to him that we could eat when we get back from picking up the rental car...and he talks to the mechanic about his truck. So, after he had time to get situated after waking up, I took a shower, got dressed and off we went. Every thing went fine. I am driving a white Hondu kinda small...more cheaper looking with a tag from PA. LOL When I got home, I did not have my garage door opener....and his truck was locked....and all doors to the house. So, I sat out there for a while until he came home.

Our brunch lunch dinner whatever was great...unlike the crap I made yesterday. We were both happy with it.
My phone rang today.

It was my daughter. She was asking if I was still on facebook? I just walked around the answer not really giving an answer. I am not there much...sometimes I deactivate. BLA BLA BLA....I ask her why was she looking for me on facebook? She said she got one of those memory photos about the girls during easter and she wanted to "tag" me. She has NEVER tagged me on anything. I would have not seen the photos of my granddaughter in her prom dress if I had not logged in when they were up. She has never tagged me. I told her I remember those Easter photos...she had mentioned a Easter Egg hunt...I told her I had never been involved with an Easter Egg hunt...just once when the oldest was the only one...and I went downtown to a EASTER EGG HUNT and watched her friend, with her husband and her mother enjoying the Easter Egg hunt with their little boy...but she did not show up. Anyway....

she changed the subject and talk some about a listing she has coming up soon....then she said she was on her lunch break and was just calling to check on me since she could not find me on I took that opportunity to say "I would rather have a relationship with my family outside of facebook." And we ended it with that.
She did mention that her mother in law was on there now. And she was tagging her to see that even I knew the only reason I was getting tagged period was because she was. Bummer.

It is raining hard here and wind is about to blow the roof off.

Later....stay safe