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2017-04-30 13:58:06 (UTC)

Sunday...back to the rental

His truck is messed up again. It wants to accelerate even when his foot is not on the gas pedal. Must have scared the crap out of him cause he does not even want to drive it to the garage. Our son will be using the hauler they use to get that race car to races to take it to the garage today. I have already reserved a rental car that I will be picking up tomorrow. He can stop by to talk to the garage folks when I pick up the car. The garage we use is very close by.

When this problem came up, it was nice to be able to ask my son to help us out with getting the truck to the garage. He just said let me talk to the guys here and I will call you right back. In less than 2 minutes, he called back and said it will be done. So, I know I can count on him. And at least I have that. Someone I can count on. Check!

I pulled out the scissors and shaped up the front of my hair. The forehead area...I wanted it to be shaped closer....not cut straight across...that lady seemed to be worried that was too short....I know I am almost 65 yrs old, but thanks to products...mostly which I make myself, I do not have a bunch of wrinkles on my forehead to hide with bangs. So, I did it myself...and oh my is so cute. I love it. I think next time, I will bring up the razor cut technique and see if she is game for that. If not, we can keep doing it this way.

Last night, being stuck here...with no transportation, I went ahead and made a list of names and addresses to check tax records to be sure they are ok to send post cards too. So, that can be done as soon as I get those post cards back. I have almost 50 to start. I need to get some stamps....I picked a neighborhood that has homes that comp out at 400k. I am only sending post cards to areas where we can get the most coverage and make the most money. Hoping the boss likes being a photo is all over it. And that very nice house we saw a few weeks back...I am going to prepare a list of those addresses too. I loved that neighborhood. He did too. Even said if he thought he could sell his house fast, he might ask them to let him make an offer on that house. OMG! I would be so happy for him. It would be perfect!
None the less I am sending out post cards. Someone had told him that mailing brochures, letters, post cards as marketing material is the best way they use to get business. I knew that. I told him first. Now, I expect to let that work for us.

So today, he is making a roast. My husband is the best cook ever. Last night I made a desert using oreo cookies, chocolate pudding...and whipped cream...actually cool whip. It turned out so good. So, my part is done.

Today I am going to try to get some cleaning done. This house is ridiculous. Tomorrow I go pick up my rental....
and back to driving it. I will be calling my insurance company in the morning to be sure I can or can not use them as coverage to save money...on the rental. I already contacted my agent. He said to call in the morning so he could look at our policy.

Hey, I like renting a car. Might do it more often.