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2017-04-29 21:12:07 (UTC)

WC #29 Speak my Mind

Mood: Happy
Song: Gives you Hell by all american rejects
Color: Blue

What are 10 things you'd say to someone who has hurt you and made you angry?

1. Cut the Crap and quit acting like your innocent when your not.

2. Your a liar and betrayer and your actions are going to come back and bite you and i look forward to that day...

3. There are people who saw and know the truth about you.

4. When you see me, i hope you are reminded of your actions and i hope that you feel conviction.

5. Shut the heck up, Your a coward and a jerk and your bound to end up miserable and that's your own freaking fault because you hurt those around you that love you and sabotage yourself.

6. Why did you do what you did? what did we ever do to you?

7. Your not worth my time and emotions and energy yet, i find myself still angry and still hung up...but i know one thing i'm done drinking the poison from your cup...I'm letting go of my past and you no longer have any control over how i feel and how i act.

8. You thought you would break me...break us. but you didn't we're still here, and guess what? we are doing great and your still stuck in the same old place? how does that feel? hmmm.

9. You shame the people that came before us that you claim to love and respect and look up to i hope you know that.

10. I wish you didn't do what you did. I hope you regret it. i hope you see what you lost.