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2017-04-29 15:02:31 (UTC)

Saturday restart...

So, I came on here last night and made a long drawn out post. I hit save at the end, but my laptop went nuts as it sometimes does and the post I had written did not post. It went away. I thought I would wait till this morning to try again. Using my desktop instead this time. Crossing my fingers this goes well.

I went to the hairdresser yesterday. She did not razor cut my hair. She cut it like that lady did a couple summers ago with scissors. keeps getting curlier and curlier. The back looks like there are spider nest buried deep inside. Hell, there might be. You just never know.
My visit with her went well any how. More people in there than last time. I mentioned to her that the last time it was just her and I but it was like Steel Magnolia this time...she had to take a break to laugh at that. She told me too that she had been thinking about me just the other day before I called and when I called she was glad to hear from me again. I am not sure if that is some sort of business technique or what but I did like it. Made me feel good. Even the other ladies in there talked to me, asking many questions as you would to someone you first meet. All very interested in my last listing and where it was and how much it listed for. So, you never know, maybe these gals will be a good thing for me. Although....I left there liking my hair. I went to the grocery store thinking nothing of it. The checkout girl also talked too me a lot...when she saw the beef roast I had bought. She went on about how her mom cooked one every Sunday and I said mine did too...and neither of us knew how our mothers were able to cook them while at church and smelling them cooking now reminded us both of Sundays coming home from church when our homes were filled with that aroma. Felt good to remember all that. So, having this lady and the gals at the salon talking to me so much....kind of pulled me out of that depressed state I have been in so long. It felt good to be acknowledged a little...with a smile and the look at absolute interest in the words I was saying. Wow.

So, now, this hair? It is cut very short just like I wanted it. My head is shaped like a box on top and that is something I should have remembered...and I should have asked her if she could use a razor to cut it? I know the woman who cut it years ago...used one and it was always good. Also grew out very good too. I would go back to her. But she turned me off using nasty brushes and making me feel like she had given me head lice on purpose. Bitch. I would never call her again. Nasty was horrible. What the hell? I think this one will work with me.

She said she was going to Boston next week to spend some time with an old friend from high school. I encouraged her to go to Wahlberg's and get a hamburger. We fantasized about her meeting the Wahlberg's mother. OMG! She said she would do it if they were close and if she is lucky to meet one of them, she would take photos for me. It felt good to talk to someone who shared, who listened and smiled a lot. She even mentioned things that I talked about before and that lets me know that she was actually listening.

I can handle the hair cut. I had a impulse to go buy a wig. No, no wigs. I can however, order some of my realtor caps and wear them. I am afraid to wear the TRUMP hat...someone might beat me to death. ( or try )
I will be ordering them Monday morning.

Today...making Hot dogs.

Oh..yeah..I ordered the post cards that have my photo and my bosses photo on them with our contact information. I did not tell him...
so, when I get them I will start mailing them out over there in his area....I think I got this. The mailing thing is working. That is how I got that listing....event though it is listed to high at owners request.....I still got a "buyer" from having the sign in the there you are.

I have set him up in MLS with his own webpage...he can search on his own and when something is listed in the area he wants with the 4 bedrooms, he will be notified. I am letting the boss handle this one. He is happy.

So, not hearing from my daughter is getting easier to handle. I almost feel ok about hitting "ignore" if she does call so I she can leave a message. But even I know that won't happen. It is easier today.....thankful for all the people who walked into my space yesterday reminding me that I am a person......I am here....people can see me....I am not invisible after all.

And the ones who like to always go on and on about my hair...."oh you have the most beautiful is so thick....I love it..." never ever saying anything else too me will have to see me now. The cover of thick hair is no longer there......look into my eyes....see me......I am here.

Feels kind of good