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2017-04-29 05:54:36 (UTC)

WC #28 Book Worm

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Your Favorite book as a kid Vs your favorite book now.

This is hard because i cannot for the life of me pick just one favorite book, it's ridiculous.
Like i could say a favorite and them... regret it because there are a million others that i love.
So i will be listing some of the books i loved as a young kid and some of my favorites now.... not that i don't like still some of the ones that i listed that i liked as a kid because i do still like them, they have their special place.
i'm classifying "Kid" by any thing i read before 13 and things i like now by anything i read after.

So as a kid i loved The Chronicles of Narnia
The Boxcar Children
The Hardy Boys
Nancy Drew.
Anything by Beverly Lewis like the Holly Heart books or the Summerhill secrets books.

Now I love Things any where from Paper towns and looking for alaska by John Green
To things like a monster calls, The Ineritance Cycle by Christopher Polini (which makes my top 3 books ever probably)
Um....Matched, The Giver, The selection series, The Hunger games, HP, Little women(also makes the top 3)
Left behind, to kill a Mocking Bird, Love come softly, Ect. To many to list.

What are your favorite books as a kid?
Your favorite books now?

I'm realizing that i didn't really read fairytails as a kid, i think that's part of why i love Fantacy books so much now... making up for lost time as an adult