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2017-04-27 23:48:22 (UTC)

WC #27 Answer Honestly

Mood: Tired beyond belief
Song: None But am watching Big hero six with my sisters
Color: Green

Answer all of the following questions honestly

1. Who was the last person you held hand's with?
Ha... My Sniece Emma.

2. Do you Ever Spy on people?
Yes sometimes it's fun and or Fascinating, but it can also come back to bite you as, when you spy or snoop on people you may find out things you didn't want to know.

3. Does talking about Sex make you uncomfortable?
No. Not really but i do think that there are some thing that you keep private and between you and your Partner.

4. Who was the last Person you had a deep conversation with what was it about?
B. Last night and it was about friendship and life and just what things are important.

5. How do you feel about abortion.
I think it's wrong. to put it as simply as that.
If you want the long explanation ask me.

6. Do you think age matters in a relationship?
For the most part no, i don't think minors should date people that aren't minors that are several years older.
I think at least for my own self that the biggest age gap i'd be comfortable with was someone 8 years older than myself and at this point in time only two years younger.
but that's just me, my opinion my, preference

7. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
Yes. absolutely. with a few exceptions to that like murderers and rapests

8. Have you done something recently big or small that you hope no one finds out about?
Simply? Yes.

9. Whats the last thing you:
Ate: Pizza
Drank: Water
Watched: Big hero six
Listened to: Every breath you take by the Police
Words you said out loud: "Because he wanted the robots" and "Rascal come here boy"
Message sent: "Yeah it's like any other pool around here"
Message Received: "Hi Katie how are you?"
Did: Took my Sniece to Softball practice
Wanted to do: Sleep

10: If you could spend 48 hours with any person of your choosing dead or alive who would it be and what would you do?
It would be my twin brother that was murdered when we were young and we'd just spend time together hanging out and talking, playing games and being with family and just being together the way we should be, the way it should have been.