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2017-04-27 20:43:09 (UTC)

Looks like everyone is depressed

So, I talked to the boss today. He is depressed. I hate to hear that. I do not blame him. We talked about business and how every damn thing we are involved in sucks. It really does. Nothing is happening. The condo at speedway has had not one call. We have already spent money on marketing and the owner seems like they are disappointed it is not sold yet. That house we listed last week is priced way to high. The owner called today and we discussed this. He said his countertops are fine like they are and they do not need updating. I was trying to explain that the house across the street that sold quickly for 20k less than his house is listed had granite counter tops, upgraded baths and new appliances. I did not want to say much...but his house does not have any of that. He said he would keep it before he would "give it away"......I have one buyer who just called from the sign. That person has a pre-qualification letter but is looking for a house that I will never be able to find. He just wants to spend 150k for a all brick four bedroom house near the interstate. Serioulsy? Oh and it has to be 20 yrs old. Oh thanks a lot dude.

I woke up today feeling like crap. I have not taken anything yet for my headache. It is so mild, I was hoping it was just go away. But so has not. I have no energy at all. I feel like I am dying. I got an appointment to go back to doctor for the 19th of next month...that was as soon as I could get in. I feel like a damn veteran almost. I may be dead before I get in there. Then he won't do anything. That is the way it goes around here.

I may call in an order for a pizza today. Left overs is getting old......