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2017-04-26 23:08:30 (UTC)

WC #26 Possessions

Mood: Tired
Song: None (But i have the Friends theme song stuck in my head)
Color: Green

What are your top 5 Prized Possessions?

Now This is really hard for me...cause i'm not a very materialistic person and i've never had a lot of money to have a lot of things.
But i'd say that being that way makes you value what you do have more.
Here are my top five prized or valued possessions

1. My Bible( my current Journaling bible that i have lots of notes and drawings and stuff in)
2. My Camera ( being a Photographer and such having a nice camera is great and amazing and i'm lucky to have one)
3. My Laptop( i've gone without a computer of my own and without Internet at home most of my life it's only in the past year that ive had both of those things consistently so that's lovely to have and i don't take it for granted.
4. Hair Straitener (this may sound ridiculous but that thing makes my life much easier...)
5. Passport (so yeah i like to travel and having that passport with all the places i've been stamped in it is very cool.

Honorable mentions: My car the silver surfer( no matter how undependable it is sometimes)
My Cell Phone without which i have survived without but it's just annoying.
Books all the books i own and love.