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2017-04-25 19:18:05 (UTC)

WC #25 Personality

Mood: Tired and slightly annoyed at life
song; none but i am watching facing the giants
Color: Green.


I am a person that likes knowing what my personality type is in the different areas... it help's me know myself better and it helps me know my friends and family better, i think when you know yours and the people in your life's personality's you can make your relationships run smoother, because you can see why a person is a certain way and you know how they love and what makes them tic and you can cater to that person that way and they can do the same for you.
Here are my personality types.

Myers Briggs : INFJ
The INFJ personality type is really rare it makes up about 1% of the population.
INFJ Personality's are the Advocate, the Diplomat, the Counselor.
They have an inborn sense of Idealism and morality but they aren't just idle dreamers they have what they need to take the steps to realize their goals and make a lasting impact on the world.
INFJ's share a unique combination of traits though introverted and soft spoken they have strong opinions and will fight tirelessly for an idea they believe in.
They are strong willed but will rarely use that energy for their own personal gain, INFJ's will act with Creativity imagination and conviction.
They crave Deep connections in relationships and balance in life.
They feel it's their purpose to help people sort to a "help me help you" concept so INFJ's you might see doing charity work or in Jobs like Teachers, counselors, Clergy's ect. Careers that focus on helping people.
Some Famous INFJ's Include: Taylor Swift, Plato, J.K. Rowling, Martin Luther KIng, Eleanor Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, Ghandi, Hilary Duff, Mel Gibson, Carrie Fisher ect.
Fictional Character INFJ's Include:
Atticus Finch( To kill a Moking Bird), Prince Caspian (The Chronicles of Narnia) Remus Lupin (Harry Potter) Eponine( Les Miserables)
Amy Pond(Doctor Who) Rue(The Hunger Games) Obi wan Kenobi( Star wars)

The Four Temperaments:
Those are all people fit into either:
I am Melancholic which means that I am introverted and thoughtful, kind of pessimistic and a worrier.
I'm Serious about most things and i tend to withdraw from people.
I am reserved and a perfectionist, I don't seek the spotlight but what i do do i have a lot of pride in.

Love Language:
There are Five love languages and we all have a main one and a secondary (we all tend to use all of them to some extent of course but like i said we all have a main one and a secondary.
The Love language show how you like to receive love, Not just in romantic relationships but in all relationships, family, friends, romantic partners, ect.
The Five Love languages are as follows: Quality Time(time spent with someone) Gifts( to be given something even small little things) Acts of service(when someone helps you out and it means something to you) Physical touch (holding hands, Hugs, and type of physical touch)
and Words of Affirmation (when someone saying they love you or that your important or any positive things said about you is important)
Now we all of course want all of these things but one may stick out to you more,
You may see Physical touch as the way you like to be shown love or words said, or when someone does something for you, or when someone was thinking of you and knows you and gave you something, or when someone gives you their time, their undivided attention.

All are real all are valid none are better or more important than they others.
But here are mine and how they rank in my personality.
1. Gifts
2. Quality time
3. Words of Affirmation
4. Acts of Service
5. Physical touch.

Enneagram personality
there are nine types
and i am a type four.
Very artistic, unique, different, outcast, self critical.

HP house: Gryffindor

True Color: Orange, Green, Blue Gold,
Mine is Green( which happens to be my favorite color)
Greens tend to be
Free thinking
Future oriented

Your Weaknesses may be:
Emotional coldness

A Greens needs are:
To gather knowledge
To understand people and the world
to bring innovation to society
to be competent
to find truth

Famous Greens include
Eleanor Roosevelt
Carl Jung
Madame Curie
Sherlock Holmes
Benjamin Franklin

Now a lot of this is just for fun but a couple of these i actually really believe in and those that i do are the Love languages, the Myers Briggs those are legit.
I like all of the ones that i mentioned in this entry though.
You can google any of these and find your results.
Let me know what your personality types are!!!!