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2017-04-25 01:57:37 (UTC)

WC #24 Tell yourself

Mood: Content
Song: Will the Circle be Unbroken By Randy Travis
Color: Blue

10 things you'd tell your Ten year old self
15 things you'd tell your Fifteen year old self
20 things you'd tell your twenty year old self

Here are the Ten things i think i'd tell my ten year old self if i could.
1. Your not Fat that boy is just being mean.
2. Your aren't defined by your hair.
3. You aren't defined by your sickness.
4. You will feel better and have better day's weeks, months and years.
5. Stop worrying so much.
6. Enjoy wearing the short skirts and just being a kid with your friends.
7. You will find some answers to the questions you don't know yet.
8. It's okay to be different and to like what you like even if your friends don't.
9. You'll catch up and everything evens out in the end.
10. Be bolder...you've got nothing to lose. :)

Here are 15 things i'd tell my Fifteen year old self.
1. it's not the end of the world.
2. Everyone is just as awkward and scared as you so give them and yourself a break.
3. You will have better people in your life in the future.
4. Tell the Boy he's cute, cause...why not?
5. Prayer isn't nothing.
6. Don't let them make you feel small.
7. Study harder...try harder.
8. Try new things! learn the language, pick up the instrument
9. Stop worrying about not being able to do things right and just do them anyway.
10. Speak your mind, stand up for yourself.
11. Don't be so scared of losing J and K
12. stop fighting with your mom, she's right.
13. Sing in the choir at church and don't be peer pressured into not doing so.
14. Enjoy being right where your at.
15. There will be better guys in the world than D.J.S

Here are 20 things i'd tell my Twenty year old self
1. Speak truth and do what's right.
2. The pain won't last forever
3. Tell the people you love that you love them before it's too late.
4. It's not easy all the changes that your forced to make right now but it will not always feel the way it does right now.
5. Some people are just jerks and they don't change, don't let them control so much of your thoughts and emotions.
6. Doing what's right for a friend even if they get angry at you is still the right thing, even if you lose them.
7. God never leaves you.
8. Poetry writing is amazing therapy you love it so stop underestimating it.
9. Your going to have to forgive them.
10. Your dreams and visions are valid...even if it's not what you thought it was.
11. Learn when to shut up and walk away.
12. pray more...way more.
13. Tell Him how you feel, you idiot girl.
14. Don't Drink next year(even though we both know you do)
15. You find some biological family, don't get to freaked out. it's all going to be okay.
16. Stop worrying so much.
17. Be more confident, fake it till you make it.
18. don't keep a count of wrongs that your friends do, they are going to hurt you. that's life.
19. Enjoy B, and H, cause things change fast.
20. You are strong enough to face everything coming your way and everything you've already been through you've got this.