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2017-04-25 01:25:12 (UTC)

WC #23 Driving

Mood: Amused
Song: fee and esy down the road by Dierks Bentely
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What was it like for you learning to drive? what was your driving test like?

Okay this is both a sore and amusing subject for me.
I'm a very attentive driver but i have test taking anxiety....so....those don't mix.
but before i get to the driving test stories let me describe for you what learning to drive was like for me.

Okay so i started practicing driving for real at about 15 like most kids, i'd driven a little bit around like empty parking lots or on country road before then but not to much. just a few times for fun when one of my parents would let me.
When i got old enough to get my drivers permit and all that my Parents would be going to Hobart where my grandma lived and we'd take this really old basically empty road we call it cambrige road you pull off the highway onto this road and they'd let me rive the length of it until it reached the highway again. it's a skinny road out in the middle of nowhere a strait drive. and that is where i got all of my first driving practice.
After i got my permit i drove other places of course as well but still i wore that road out and basically wore out a stretch of highway 6 out where i lived so well i'd know it in my sleep.
heck it still have to drive it to get anywhere to this day, even though i don't live out there anymore.

I was a nervous driver... in the early months and years...and it was because someone was always with me watching me, preformance anxiety.
something that i always have had since i was a kid no matter what i was doing.
My Dad is the one who started out teaching me to drive and he's a very loud and animated person more high strung and so he'd be loud and animated (not angry or mean) but with me already nervous and well a sensitive teenage girl... that didn't mix well and i took to driving with my mom who is sort spoken and more laid back.
Things went much better with her...
My dad caught on to the things that didn't help me when driving and we were able to work it out okay enough that i could drive with either of them....but my dad... likes to be the driver.... he likes to be the one in control he can be a back seat driver toward me, my mom anyone really because he genuinely thinks that no one drives as good as him.
And to this day when he says as much i don't get offended like i used to i just blow it off and say of course you think that and then... of course you drive better than me you've been doing it for 36 years. Longer than i've been alive obviously.
Just by age and time and practice your better. that's just common sense.
and i know he wants to make a crack at how even when i've been driving that long he's still be better... but he doesn't.
Oh gosh i'm rambling.

Okay so the Drivers test... I took it 3 times passing it on the third try. (yeah yeah laugh it up :P)
Like i said Prefomance anxiety mixed with test taking anxiety didn't help me with this....at all.
Now that being said i will be honest.

The first test, i made mistakes and it was completely my fault that i didn't pass because i wasn't ready.
Simple as that and i'm not arrogant enough to lie and or blame it on the instructor like the girl and her mother before me who took it and also failed did.
The next test...however....i do feel like i kind of got cheated and i don't agree with but it is what it is.
So the Instructor was training another instructor to be able to take kids out and do the driving test and the trainee had to ride along and watch, My instructor explained this and asked if it was alright and i said yes(like what was i supposed to say?? no haha) so we get in the car and we do the test but it's different than last time... she's all talkative and she barely gives me any instructions (like they tell you when your supposed to turn, stop to park, to switch lanes ect.) and then we get back and she says two things to me and to the trainee.
1. That i failed because i ran a stop sign(which i never saw) and because i was talking and that was distracting me, but it was the instructor asking me questions and prompting me to talk! and she turns to the back seat and say "that was wrong because your not supposed to talk and distract as student driver you just give them the directions your supposed to so it wasn't really fair to me and then said that i still failed.

The Third time(Third times a charm) I felt i was fully prepared was driving well, knew all the knowledge of how to park on a hill ect. all of it, and i had mastered parallel parking and had done it twice perfectly while practicing waiting for an instructor to do my test and i did it in front of them while they were with another student.
This time a also got a different instructor than the first two test, the only man instructor who was supposed to be really strict.
He was in a way...he had me do all the different parking which way do you turn your wheels when parking on a hills blah blah blah and all this extra stuff that the first instructor didn't.
But like i said i was prepared i knew how to drive, i knew the right way to do things.
He talked to me as well, some chit chat but not so much as to distract me but more i think to make me be a little bit at ease. he seemed to actually want me to do well and succeed unlike the other.
he made you work for it and do what all was required but he wasn't intense.
i got through the test and was onto the last thing back at the Place where i had to parallel park, and i go to do it and i mess it up i didn't turn sharp enough and he told me to pull back out and park and i did, thinking here we go, i failed.
and he says "you know how to parallel park don't you?" and i said yes i do. He goes yeah i saw you do it perfectly before your test.
and he passed me.

so yeah that's my experience with learning to drive and taking my drivers test.