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2017-04-25 01:11:49 (UTC)

Monday Monday

I felt like crap this morning. Really sick of feeling so poorly. I told him last night I would be making an appointment to go back to the doctor about the scalp problem and talk to him about this medication I been taking. I am not sure if I should be taking this amount of it. I think it is time for blood work. I been having headaches too. Everyday. I am not a woman that has headaches all the time. Not from allergies...not from stress...not from anything. I am taking over the counter pain meds all the time. Time to find out why.

So, I sucked it up this morning and took a ride to mail that check. Stopped by the post office to check my mail, went to the bank to pay a bill and rode by that house my friend may want to list as soon as the tenants vacate. Saw a for sale by owner too...The house is listed by a realtor, but there is no realtor sign. I will be checking on that one to see when it expires. I will send them a letter.

I need to have a discussion with the man we listed that house last week. We have it listed to high. He is going to have to let us lower that price or we are all wasting our time. Hoping I can get the boss to call him. I still have a hard time hearing. I did talk to my friend when she got home from work. She is hopeful they will be leaving soon so we will be able to list it. Hopefully. That will be a quick turn around if she spends a little cash getting it ready. Then again, she might rent it again...which would once doing all this research and counseling to make zero. Time will tell.

It is raining hard...and many areas are flooding. My son did not work today. Probably not tomorrow either. He has been going to pick up parts and tires for that racecar. I have dinner on the stove. Been heated up once. He is still in that garage working on that car. He really likes doing that stuff. Happy.

I have always told them to do something they love and they will always be happy.